China Supplier BOGDA Automatic Pneumatic PVC Pipe Bending Making Machine With Socketing System Price

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Product Overview


Production Application

Before Belling and Bending After Belling and Bending

Product Description

China Supplier BOGDA Automatic Pneumatic PVC Pipe Bending Making Machine With Socketing System Price
1. The special energy-saving and heat insulation device of the pipe bender of our company can increase the heat utilization rate by more than 40% compared with the machines of other manufacturers. Domestic infrared barium-plated vacuum heater, heating temperature equalization, at the same time, can make the heat radiation upward, than the ordinary machine to save more than 40% of the heat energy, automatic bending at the same time, the heater shift and power off, so that the pipe cooling design, energy saving, reasonable operation, humanization.

2. The special multifunctional positioning protractor made by Bogda makes the bending Angle adjustable, controllable, accurate and convenient.

Plastic Pipe Bender Mold
3. The equipment is easy to operate and high working efficiency. The table of the equipment is made of thickened stainless steel mold, which ensures that the bending machine will not be worn or scratched in the production process. Mold pressure bar is equipped with pneumatic device, accurate positioning and high working efficiency. The equipment is designed with automatic mold propulsion, which is convenient and simple to bend. Control air pressure system, stable performance, durable.

PVC PE Pipe Heating Oven For Next Bending and Belling
4. Bogda's unique heating and temperature equalizing device makes the pipes heat evenly. Adjustable heating width, convenient for arc bending, widely used. Water circulation automatic cooling system, so that the machine has a linear heating function.

5. Bogda machine special double leakage automatic protection function, safe use. Equipped with parallel mobile positioning bar and platform engraving device, bending length positioning.

6. Professional anticorrosive surface treatment technology, the surface coating is old and new. Integrated high strength frame, stable working performance, convenient transportation and installation. Novel appearance design: beautiful, generous and practical.

7. It has the function of temperature regulation. The heating temperature of the heating device can be adjusted according to the pipe variety, thickness and material requirements.Thus improve the processing quality of the machine.

8. It has timing function. The working time of the heating device can be set according to the type, thickness and material of the plate. In order to improve the processing quality of the machine, reduce the operation of workers: heating, bending, finalizing, and finally take out the product.


Product Name
China Supplier BOGDA Automatic Pneumatic PVC Pipe Bending Making Machine With Socketing System Price
Product type
Vertical type
Pipe Diameter (mm)
21-48mm, 60-114mm
Product speed (second/time)
Max capacity (pcs/day)
Machine dimension (mm)
1800x600x1500mm, 3000x800x2000mm
Motor power (kw)
(21-50) 3-5kw, (63-114) 5-9kw
Max. heating temperature (℃)
Pipe thickness (mm)
Mold pressure
(21-50) 300KG, (60-114) 500KG

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BOGDA Service For Each of BOGDA Plastic Extrusion Machinery
Pre-sale services:
Based on the clients' request and budget, we will offer equipment pictures, working site videos, plant processing diagram, assemble drawings, foundation drawings, and plant layout. Clients are welcome to visit our factory, also our equipment working site from former clients.

Sale services:
Our experienced technicians are available on the phone also the Internet, clients can get instance guidance by telephone, email, online service anytime and anywhere.

After-sale services:
Normally, the equipment warranty is 12 months since installation. To establish long term cooperation, we will regularly call and email our clients to check the equipment working condition and offer suggestions for maintenance.

Company Profile

BOGDA Machinery Group is located in Europe and America (Hai'an) Industrial Park and Shanghai Fengxian (Hai'an) Industrial Park. It is a high-tech and innovative company dedicated to the research and development and manufacturing of plastic extrusion molding equipment. The company is people-oriented and innovative Development, with its unique corporate culture that has been brewing for many years, and the company’s eager attention to global economic development, it has continued to grow with its majestic momentum and quick response, making itself a large-scale and highly anticipated industry in this industry.

Leading technology and excellent quality have been highly recognized by authoritative departments and markets. Products are exported to more than 110 countries and regions such as Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Brazil, Romania, etc. Deeply trusted and praised by customers, the company has many subsidiaries such as pipeline equipment, sheet film intelligent equipment, intelligent automation, and granulation equipment. The company has a high-quality talent R&D team and more than 20 years of experience in the industry. A team of mechanical and electrical commissioning engineers, as well as an advanced machining base and a standardized assembly workshop. More than 600 sets of high-end plastic extrusion lines are produced every year.

The main products of the company are:
1. PVC/PP/PE wood plastic production lines
2. PVC/PP/ wide sheet production lines
3. PVC/UPVC door and window profiles, ceiling panels, wall panels, window sill panels, wall hanging panels and other profiles extrusion production lines
4. PC/PA/ABS and other profiles production lines
5. PVC pipe production lines
6. HDPE/PE/PVC/PPR/PERT solid wall pipe production lines, as well as HDPE/PE gas pipe production lines
7. Vertical and horizontal HDPE/PP/PVC corrugated pipe production lines & reinforced winding pipe production lines
8. Multi-layer and single-layer PE/PP/PS/HIPS/GPPS/PC/ABS/PLA/PET/PMMA/GPPS/APET/PETG sheet production line
9. EVA/POE/PVB/SGP film production line; TPU/TVB film and lithium battery separator production line
10. All kinds of PE/PP/PLA/PET pelletizing units
11. PVC/PE/PP automated centralized feeding system
12. PP meltblown fabric and various spunbond non-woven fabric production lines
13. SPC LVT PVC Floor Production Line
14. PVC foamed board extrusion production lines
15. Recycling auxiliary equipment related to extrusion line, such as extrusion mold, plastic shredder, plastic crusher, plastic
pulverizer, cooling tower, automatic screw loader, hopper dryer, plastic mixer and etc.

BOGDA has advanced design concepts in the extrusion field, strives for perfection in product quality, and continues to improve in technology. It can provide customized solutions for each customer to meet the different needs of customers. Project planning, product positioning, plant planning, equipment installation and commissioning, customer staff training, equipment after-sales maintenance and other all-round services. Our advantage is to provide customers with desired, satisfactory, and high-quality products to help customers create the greatest Profits and business opportunities, customer success is our ultimate goal.


1. How many electric, water, air need for the machines?
BOGDA: technical department supply the whole layout for workshop details.

2. Can I operate machine if don’t have experienced engineers?
BOGDA: (1) short-time engineers to customer company (5-15days)
(2) Year-time working as requirements

3. Any quality checking before shipment?
BOGDA: 100% confirm, run and test machines before shipment with quality certificate.

4. How long is the guarantee?
BOGDA: 12 months since the first day customer operates (except wear parts)

5. How can u help us when face some technical problem?
BOGDA: 24 hours by e-mail, message, calling. If problems happens need engineer we will arrange the closest or agent in local country, or send Chinese Engineers to solve in 2 weeks.

6. Where can we get spare part?
BOGDA: we choose International Brand that customer can find it in everywhere, such as Siemens, Schneider, Omron, Delixi etc, or send parts by DHL, Fedex, TNT and other express.

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