HISSEN Import Patpat Baby Suppliers Padini Overruns Tshirt Manila For Women First Hand Cheap Clothes Supplier (1600274852266)

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Eliminate used clothes which broken,pilling,slack,out of fashion,over used or have faded color.
Sort only good quality used clothes for you.
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1.Are HISSEN a factory or a trading company?
We are manufacturer, which is the biggest and the most top in China. And we have a top-notch professianal international trading team.

2.How many years has your company been in The sacond hand clothing industry?
Since 2013. We have grown up from 10 workers to 400 workers. and from 3 containers per month to 300 containers per month.

3.How to cantrol good quality?
First of all, our raw materials are only collected from the most developed cities in China, which guarantees the quality and grade of recycled products. Secondly, checking on the quality before offloading the materials.if not good we will reject them. Thirdly, we always insist on a high standard frorm boss to workers. Fourthly, the workers are all skilled and experienced for more than 5 years. Fifthly, quality inspectors are checking along the line all the time for product quality must be ensured. Slxthly, we will have a special person to check the quality of the product,to ensure that our goods are qualified before shipping to customers.

4.How long will take to produce one 4oHQ container?
For 2 days a 40HQ container is produced. There are 25 production lines working on 28 days per month. We can turn out 300 containers a month.

5.What kinds of packing films we have?
We have transparent , white, orange, yellow woven membrane, and so on

6.How many bales can be loaded in 40Ha container?
We have 4 forklifts and 16 workers for loading.For top A summer clothes
100kg/bale: 320 (32 tons)
9okg/bale: 358 (32 tons)
80kg/bale: 400 (32 tons)
75kg/bale: 400 (30 tons)
65kg/bale: 440(28.6tons)
45kg/bale: 608 (27 tons)
For top A shoes:
45kg/bale: 538(24.21 tons)
100kg/bale: 320 (32 tons)

7.What is your MOQ?
We do it per customer’s demand and the special requests of products. There is no fixed quantity that can do it per contract.Generally, it is 1 container

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