15pcs tray heat pump dryer yam cassava drying machine

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 15pcs tray heat pump dryer yam cassava drying machine

Product Description

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At present, agriculture, food, chemicals, pottery, medicine, mineral processing, pulp and paper, wood processing and other industries, all production processes are almost used to dry, dry material quality depends on whether the good control of constant temperature. The Heat Pump drying technology is a mild, close to the natural dry way, more suitable for most of the agricultural products, herbs and other heat-sensitive materials dry.



Hot air circle cassava drying machine belongs to high temperature heat pump unit. Its working principle is: the working fluid of the heat pump is compressed by the compressor, becomes high temperature and high pressure gas, enters the condenser, condenses and liquefies the heat, and is used for air heating in the drying room. The moisture in the material is vaporized and evaporated by the form of hot air, and the evaporated water vapor is discharged by the moisture discharge system, thereby achieving the purpose of drying the drying material.



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1P Cassava drying machine Parameter

MaterialStainless Steel
Power Supply220V/50Hz
Power Input


Running Current5.0A
Maximum Power2.2KW
Dehydration Amount3.5L/h
Working Temperature40-80℃
Noise Level≤60dB(A)
Machine Dimension(L×W×H)


Tray Size(L×W×H)


Tray Number



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Product Application



Fruit:Almonds, jujube, peanuts, longans, walnut, papaya tablets, apple, lemon, hawthorn pills, bananas, etc.

Vegetable:Asparagus, beans, kidney beans, lentils, eggplant, red pepper, Chinese prickly ash, black fungus, tremella, papaya tablets, pills, bitter melon, radish, cucumber slices, mushrooms, ginger, garlic, etc.

Medicinal material:Flos lonicerae, radix scutellariae, salvia miltiorrhiza, burdock, fructus schisandrae, codonopsis, radix rehmanniae, prepared rhizome of rehmannia, mulberries, forsythia, Chinese wolfberry, etc.

Others:Lily, rose, peony seed,fennel seeds,et


Company Introduction

Henan Baixin Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd, which located in Gongyi, Henan province, is a modern enterprise which sets the scientific research, production and sales as a whole.We have a modern management system, the first-class processing art, perfect detection means, high quality science and technology talent team and after-service system. Our main products are heat pump dryer, mesh belt dryer,microwave dryer and fruit & vegetable processing line . 

1. we have our own factory, our own workshop, not rent.
2. we have qualified technical workers, ensure the food dryer machine well-made.
3. we have our own technical team and installation department, we can guarantee overseas services.
4. we have rich stock for check,also can delivery machine as soon as possible.



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1.:Now we plan to make the drying project, what should we do?

Firstly,we need to know the original moisture content of the material and after drying the final moisture content that you want to achieve. Secondly, please tell us what is your required capacity per hour or per day? Thirdly, what kind of fuel do you want to use? Coal, gas, electrical or others.

We can according to your answer recommend you the accurate drying model and design the matching heating system for your project.


2.:What kind of drying machine is suitable for me?

We offer three types of food dryer machine: multi-layer belt drying machine, heat pump drying machine and microwave food drying machine. Generally speaking, multi-layer belt drying machine is more suitable for large-scale food drying, heat pump drying machine tends to be easier to operate and frequently used in the small and medium drying process, and The microwave dryer has higher drying efficiency and sterilization function. Based on your production situation, you can choose the suitable one.


3.:Can I specify the heat source?

Yes, the general machine can use electricity or natural gas as a heat source.Mesh belt dryers can use electricity and natural gas as well as steam or coal.A wide range of heat sources, which is available for customers to choose independently.


4:What factors affect the drying time?

That depends on a number of variables so there is no fixed answer to this question.

There are some factors for your reference.

The water content of the materials,

The sugar content of materials

The size of the piece of raw materials

the temperature you want to dry at

the surrounding environment

the desired texture of the end result

The most important is that whether the dryer you chose is suitable for drying.

  If any questions, Contact us now. 

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