192 канал 30A аккумуляторная батарея мощности сортировочные Системы Шкаф анализатор для заряда и разряда батареи испытательная машина (1600276218726)

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Product Overview


Product Description

1, Energy saving: comprehensive energy saving of more than 70%, high-power inverter technology

2, High efficiency: labor efficiency increased by 50%

3, High quality: accuracy deviation <0.5% after 500 consecutive charging and discharging, high precision and stable detection technology


8/40/64/80/256/512 Channel Battery Cell/Pack Testing System Battery Tester


1, Product stability: Single-point independent constant current and constant voltage power supply, complete protection functions, stable operation, selected materials, fine craftsmanship, higher service life than peers, and fast inspection speed.

2, Technical excellence: The feeder-type energy-saving mode design is adopted, which has high energy-saving efficiency, flexibility, and humanized intelligent operation. The product linearity, accuracy and speed have reached high standards, and the maintenance and upgrades are good for expansion.

3, Accuracy: Each battery fixture is designed with the internationally popular four-wire principle, which avoids the superimposition of the internal resistance of the tester on the internal resistance of the battery and makes the test results more accurate.

4, Flexible: When the battery under test has low voltage, undercurrent, overvoltage, or overcurrent, the control system will close this channel and separate the battery from the device.

5, Cost-effective: rich experience, strong technology, professional management team, wide range of product use and praise from customers, the performance indicators and product quality of similar products have the most cost-effective advantages.

6, 7*24 hours after-sales service: The product is guaranteed for one year, free of charge and careful technology.

Machine Parameters







Device channel number

The whole machine has a total of 128 channels

The whole machine has a total of 512 channels


950mm wide × 580mm deep × 1900mm high

Length 1684MM, width 756MM, height 1840MM, chassis width 500MM

Chassis color

Bright gray (customizable)

Standard blue and black (customizable)

Fixture form

Flat head fixture

65 blue and white buckle

Fixture spacing



Support battery specifications

Cylindrical battery

Polymer battery

Power supply

Three-phase five-wire system AC380V±10%, 50HZ

Working power consumption


working environment

Temperature 0~40℃, relative humidity≤80%

Cooling method

Natural intake, upward exhaust

Product Details



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