Wholesale inflatable wing Safe and Stable Easy Carry Windsurfing Windfoil Foil Wing For SUP Foilboard

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Product Overview


Our wings have great stability and give you more freedom on the water. Our factory has many years of production experience and has cooperated with many brands.
We have a professional technical team who can design according to your requirements, no matter the size or color or shape, we will try our best to meet your requirements.
If you are interested in our products please contact us, we will serve you as soon as possible!

Applicable People
Product name
Inflatable Wing Surfer
Polyester  PVC
Hand Pump + Backpack + Leash
Customized Color
OEM Customized
High Strength
Used For
Wind Surf Hydrofoil

Lightweight inflatable design;
Simple to set up and use;
Deeper profile for increased power.

Wing surface optimization
The traditional wing surface is easy to encounter vortices. Kv has been optimized to make the wing surface less prone to vibration caused by air flow and reduce the resistance

The optimization of struts and handle
More ergonomic, comfortable and direct to pull your arms, the back strut extends well and is comfortable against upwind.Two handle materials, Eva handle surface soft and comfortable, ribbon handle can more directly convey the power of wing

Dynamic and simulation tests
Wing is dependent on aerodynamics to promote movement, and the aerodynamic quality of Wing affects the forward speed and stability, as well as the interval and extent of the eruption force.
The aerodynamic characteristics of wing mainly include lift characteristics, drag characteristics, thrust characteristics, side force characteristics and heeling moment characteristics, which are closely related to the design form of wind speed and wing.
Combined with many years of experience in the design and manufacture of surfing kites, the wing of albatross has been calculated, and within the calculated range, the lift-drag ratio gradually decreases with the increase of the Angle of attack. For the upwind and cross wind sailing stage, it belongs to the typical lift type segment.

B. Laser cutting is used in the whole cutting process, not only darcon, but also various small parts. Laser cutting ensures the accuracy, making the wing very symmetrical, which is very rare, which can ensure that every positioning can be guaranteed in further sewing.

C, the printing usually uses screen printing, the use of high-level ink, has good resistance to seawater and ultraviolet aging, can be printed in large areas, can be multi-color printing.

D, sewing sewing is one of the most critical parts, our factory has many years of experience in making paragliders and surf kites, which can guarantee excellent sewing in all kinds of details.In particular, the whole wing has many anchor points in all sewing positions, which can well ensure the realization of shape.

E, bladder high-pressure bladder, combined with ubiquitous internal protection, enables a pressure of 8psi for safe and stimulating use

As an OEM factory, albatross has a variety of customized solutions for all products, not only printing and painting, but also can make the maximum modification according to the requirements to adapt to the local market demand.

Whether it is exquisite products used in movies and advertisements, or a unique product personalized, or batch brand orders, you can give us.


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