Свежо и оригинально устойчивого мяу служащего зерна Бесплатно влажные корм для собак (1600278359033)

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Product Overview


Product Description

Meow Servant Grain-Free Wet Cat Food, Original Natural Complete Can for Cats

Cats, as a meat-based animal, are metabolically adapted to preferentially use protein and fat as energy sources. High animal protein, moderated fats and grain-free recipe guided by the natural diet of cats, Meow Servant provides the real nutrients your cat will really need.

Chicken Complete Can for Cats
●The highest level chicken is the first ingredient (CAS label chicken) - packed with animal protein for maintaining high energy, and building strong, lean muscles.
●The proportion of protein and fat of our products is 54:34,which nearly follows the composition of the natural prey of cats (rats) of 55:38.
●95% chicken, chicken liver and chicken heart ; 4.5% nutrition supplements ; 0.5% vegetables and fruits ; 0% grain.
●Made without - grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors or preservatives.
●The first and the only pet food company conducts 20 nutritions inspections.
●The quality of our products meet and exceed European and American cat complete food standards.

Available in 80g cans and 320g pouches.


Commercial Buyer
Food & Beverage Stores, Specialty Stores, TV Shopping, Super Markets, Convenience Stores, E-commerce Stores
Room Space
Indoor and Outdoor
Room Space Selection
Occassion Selection
Not support
Holiday Selection
Not support
Sustainable, Stocked
Place of Origin
Taiwan, China
Brand Name
Meow Servant
Natural Ingredients
Pet Supplies
Cat Wet Food
Life Stage
Suitable for all ages of cats
Shelf Life
36 Months
1 can= n.w. 80g= g.w. 100g
100 boxes=100 x 24 cans=2400 cans

Company Profile

Meow Servant, we are a company who believes that every pet deserves a better life with better and suitable food. The company is dedicated to letting cat owners know the information of the pet food industry, and being able to have the ability of critical thinking. To enhance pet owners’ knowledge level, we provide some knowledge videos on Youtube and our official website, also some face-to-face speech courses. Then, these owners can choose suitable food for their cats wisely and correctly.
Furthermore, the pet food product value will be promoted and established fundamentally. We expect that through our trusted product, we can make the pet food market more trustable.

Production Process

Manual placement
After brushing and UV sterilization in the cleanroom, we check the appearance integrity of cans by manual placement.
Blowing dust
Before placing cans on the production line, the blowing machine will check again and move dust or possible foreign matters away.
Filling process
The filling machine pours the raw mix ingredients into cans.

Capping process
Next, cans will be vacuumed and then capped. Before moving cans into autoclave, they will be washed by high pressure water.
The autoclave then sterilizes cans by pressurized saturated steam, the contents will be well-cooked at the same time.
Labelling, printing, packaging
After 7 days of standing, the factory will check again if there is any imperfection. Cans will be
labelled, printed and packaged if everything is fine.


Our Advantages

First company provides 20 nutritions inspections in the world. We ensure that the quality of our products meet and exceed European and American cat complete food standards.

All ingredients are of human-grade quality, providing our pets a high-meat diet packed with energy and nutrients. Our products are made in ISO22000/HACCP qualified factories.

We are the first Taiwan company to provide a complete introduction to the process and equipment functions. We’re proud to be leading the way to make a trustable pet food industry.

Main Market

Packing And Shipping


➢How can I make sure that this product is what I want?
We do provide samples service for testing. You can send us a message on Alibaba, and we will send you 2 boxes (48 cans), which have to be paid within shipping fee in the total of 70 USD. We will create a T/T payment link via Alibaba for you. This payment can be deducted from the real transaction afterwards.

➢Is my order and payment guaranteed?
Definitely. We utilize Alibaba trade assurance which guarantees both parties to ensure that all our customers have peace of mind in every order placed. Your satisfaction is our priority.

➢Do you have other products which I might be interested in?
We are a fast growing start-up company in the pet industry. We will constantly design and test new products and whenever there is a new product launch, you will certainly be the first one to know.

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