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Pork Carcass, Cuts and Offal

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We offer Frozen Pork as per the requirements of our esteemed clients. With high production rates, we have large stock and globally supply quality Pork meat and at very moderate prices which is appreciated by our clients.


Why Choose Us!
Top Grade A
No Fur
No broken bones
Well cleaned and fresh
No bruises
No black pads or ammonia burns
No bad smells
No excessive blood or blood stains
Moisture content is less than 3%

Frozen Temperature
Blasted at: -40°C
Storage at: -20°C
Transportation Temperature: -22°C


Cuts Available

Frozen Pork Carcass (whole, 2-way and 6-way cuts)

Frozen Pork Front Feet (Length 17-18cm Weight 300-350g)

Frozne Pork Hind Feet (Length 19-20cm Weight 400-450g)

Frozen Pork Leg (Bone-in Skin on ; Bone-in Skinless ; Boneless Skinless)

Frozen Pork Loin (Bone-in Skinless ; Boneless Skinless)

Frozen Pork Shoulder Boneless, Skinless

Frozen Pork Collar Boneless, Skinless

Frozen Pork Tenderloin

Frozen Pork Belly Sheet Ribbed, Skin on

Frozen Pork Spareribs

Frozen Pork Back Fat

Frozen Pork Cutting Fat

Frozen Pork Ear Flap

Frozen Pork Jowl

Frozen Pork Bones

Frozen Pork Skin

Frozen Pork Offal

Frozen Pork Snout

Frozen Pork Head (Full , Half without tongue)

General Product Packaging

  • Individual LDPE Poly bags of 10kg each = 10kg per master carton

  • 4x5kg LDPE Poly bags = 20kg master carton box with 4 straps outside

  • 5x5kg LDPE Poly bags = 25kg master carton box with 4 straps outside


 Country of Origin Brazil
 Quality Premium Grade
 Shelf Life 24 Months From Production Date
 Incoterm Fob, Cif Any Port Without Problems
 Authorization for Export China Mainland, Hong Kong, Haiphong, Vietnam, Thailand Shipping to Over 200 Countries
 Inspection Certification SGS or Any International Surveyor
 Lead Time for Processing Order 7 Days After Receiving Your Payment Instrument
 Port of Loading Port of Paranagua (Brpng) and Port of Santos Brazil (Brssz)
 Delivery Time5-35 Days Depending on Docking Port Distance & Logistics Flexibility





 Type  Frozen Pork
 Packaging  10, 20, 25 Kgs LDPE Poly Bags Carton Box
 Pay Load 27 MT/ 40' container
 No. of Packages 2700 / 40' container (MOQ)
 Quality  Top Grade A
 Standard  Fit for Human Consumption
 Shelf Life 24 Months
 Place of Origin Brazil
 Payment Options L/C, D/P, T/T
 Logistics Mode Ocean Shipping, Land Transportation

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TRADER VENTURES LLC established in 2012 is involved in the Manufacture, Production and Wholesale Distribution of Food & Beverage products. With a well-established product portfolio to meet the much-growing global food demand, our production & supply chain is optimized to guarantee quantity and export quality in the following Food & Beverage categories. Frozen Meat & Poultry products including Chicken, Pork, Veal, Beef produced organically and grass-fed. Frozen Seafood products including, Fish, Shrimps, Crabs, Seaweed, Squid and Lobsters. Sugar products including Refined ICUMSA, Granulated White and Brown Sugar, Raw Brown Sugar. We carter for the prices and offer factory rates while maintaining suitable, excellent quality standards with secured transactions for visiting and non-visiting clients.

The company has adopted measures to increase sales and to better serve consumers and customers. A great purpose guided Trader Ventures in 2021 by establishing a restructuring plan, for strengthening the Company's organizational health, resuming our financial balance and creating value to all our stakeholders. We believe we have a huge capacity in hands. We are a wide, capillary and influential business network: we have a production with about 20 manufacturing complexes, a strong presence in the field and a business that is present in the daily routine of consumers from the most diverse cultures, through well-established and respected brands. We are a team of over 1000 employees worldwide; people from different nationalities, mobilized to make the mission of bringing food to people in more than a hundred countries a reality.

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