Pappardelle Tasty Pasta made in Italy by La Pasta di Aldo Artisanal Product Best Natural Ingredients

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Product Overview


Product Description

PAPPARDELLE is a type of pasta that is more suited to stronger flavours. It has its traditional roots in Tuscany, where the condiment par excellence consists of full-bodied sauces with a base of hair and wild boar. Pappardelle is very similar to Tagliatelle, but broader (12 mm) and capable of providing intense culinary delight. The size of the wheat flour grains are more noticeable on the palate, lending a full flavour both in terms of taste and touch.
Thanks to its size, Pappardelle boasts an inherent presence that serves to enhance the aesthetics of the dish even further

Pasta strand thickness:
0,8 - 1,2 mm
Pasta strand width:
12 mm

INGREDIENTS: durum wheat semolina 68%, eggs 32%
* Produced in a laboratory which also uses: eggs and cereals containing gluten

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct heat and light.

COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: Fill a large, tall pot with water ( 2l each 100g of pasta ) and place over high heat . When the water begins to boil, add salt to taste. After the salt has dissolved and the water is really boiling, add pasta to the water. Do not stir the pasta the first two minutes to preserve the length of the product. Follow the cooking time indicated on to the package. Drain the pasta and toss in a pan with the sauce to coat and let the pasta adsorbs the sauce.

Cooking Time
4/6 minutes


Per 100g
Per single serving ( 62 g )
Energy Value:
Kcal: 370 ;  KJ: 1564
Kcal: 229 ; KJ: 969
61 g of which sugars 1,1 g
37 g of which sugars 0,68 g
5,6 g of which saturates 1,8 g
3,4 g of which saturates 1,1 g
16 g
9 g
0,16 g
0,09 g


Product Type
Primary Ingredient
Durum wheat semolina
Processing Type
70% hand made and slowly air dried
Fast Cooking
Iconic Box in Straw Paper
Cooking Time
4-6 minutes
Shelf Life
18 months
Place of Origin
Brand Name
La Pasta di Aldo
Model Number
Pappardelle - Retail Pack 250g
Pasta Type
Medium Egg Noodles
Long Shape. Strand Length: 50cm; Strand Width: 12 mm
High-end dry egg pasta
Made only with Italian ingredients
Ideal Texture and unique porosity that really absorbs the sauce
Extraordinary digestibility
Rich flavour that is not overpowering
Rich cooking yield, once cooked it double weight
Long-life pasta that taste as fresh pasta
Customizable on request

Packing & Delivery

Box in vegetal paper colour, wrapped with a polyolefin film, printed straw paper lid . Box dimensions: 26 x 16,2 x 3,2 cm. Box gross weight: 338 g.
Carton in corrugated cardboard . Dimensions: 52 x 27 h 31 cm. No. of boxes for each carton: 24 x 250 g. Carton gross weight: 9 Kg.
Pallet in plastic. Dimensions: 80 x 120 x 200 cm. No. of layers: 6. No. of cartons for each layer: 6. Total cartons for each pallet: 36. Gross weight: 350 Kg.

Company Profile

Artisanal Egg Pasta Slowly Air Dried according to the Traditional Method.
A rigorous selection of the base materials and production methods that go beyond the traditional art of artisan pasta making, an indefatigable dedication and pure mastery: these are the secrets of La Pasta di Aldo, a genuine masterpiece to be kept in the pantry of any self-respecting gourmand.
A different mix of durum wheat semolina is used for each kind of pasta; the dough is mixed with the utmost care and worked in order to ensure that it is soft. The sheets are cut and then inserted onto special rods that are hung from frames and placed in the drying room, to allow for a slow, natural, tailor-made and low temperature drying process.
La Pasta di Aldo stands out for its superior cooking performance. When it is added to the pan after cooking, it retains the sauce like few other pastas can. Thanks to its rough and permeable texture, you can savour the pure joy of a unique taste and the substance of tradition that inspired it.

1. Who are we?

We are based in the town of Monte San Giusto (Italy), a charming spot in the inland of the Marches region that straddles the Adriatic Sea and Sibylline Mountains. Embodied within the pasta are the glistening golden hues of the wheat fields that submerge our hills in summer.

There are a total of 11 employees in our Company. The total surface of our headquarters is 370 mq.

La Pasta di Aldo started in 2001. The first point of interest derives from the name ALDO: an acronym made up of the first two letters of the surnames of Maria ALzapiedi and Luigi DOnnari, the creators and engineers behind this culinary masterpiece.

La Pasta di Aldo has been reviewed as “The finest pasta in Italyby the Michelin-starred Heston Blumenthal in his book “In search of Perfection”. It also achieve important awards such as the first prize given by the Best Culinary Guide "Gambero Rosso" and the first prize by the best Food Magazine "IlGolosario", not to mention the "Platinum Award" assigned by the International Gourmet Commission of the "Merano WineHunter Festival".

Our turnover is made for a 55% of International sales and for a 45% of Domestic sales. The Markets that we served so far are: Europe, Japan, South Korea, U.S.A., Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, China, Canada, Brazil, Australia.ù

2. How can we guarantee quality?

Our products meet the highest quality standard. La Pasta di Aldo holds the BRC and the IFS certificates. They consist in inspection protocols that require the presence of a quality system, an implemented HACCP and that involve all the surroundings, the products, the process and the staff, they must be all incorporated in this system.

We are available to send samples before the final purchasing order.

3. What can you buy from us?

Homemade Dry Egg Pasta. Various Types, different cuts and flavours:

CLASSIC PASTA TYPES: Tagliatelle, Filini, Maccheroncini, Tagliatelle Amalfitane, Pappardelle, Chitarrine, Linguine
VEGETAL PASTA TYPES: Tagliatelle with Spinach, Tagliatelle with Tomato
WHOLEMEAL PASTA TYPES: Tagliatelle with Buckwheat, Tagliatelle with Ancient Durum Wheat Neno, Tagliatelle with Spelt Flour, Filini with Spelt Flour
SPECIAL PASTA TYPES: Tagliatelle with Lemon, Chitarrine with Cuttlefish Ink, Tagliatelle with Saffron, Tagliatelle with Truffle.

4. Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?

Because our pasta is an high-end product, it tastes better than fresh pasta and at the same time offers the practicality of a long-life pasta that can be kept at ambient temperature. Its quality as been recognized by the most authoritative Chefs all over the world.

5. What services can we provide?

Private Label:
we are available to provide customized packaging for private label
we are available to provide smaller cartons containing 12 boxes x 250g
Accepted Delivery Terms:
Accepted Payment Currency:
Accepted Payment Type:
Wire Transfer
Language Spoken: 
English, Italian



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