Water pen ink absorber national standard European standard inking auxiliary tool ink absorption artifact Made in China

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Product Overview


In the market, the ink bottle design is basically flat. When the ink is used for more than half of the time, it is particularly difficult for a bright-tip pen to absorb ink.
Therefore, the ink-absorbing tool is produced, which is cheap and easy to use.

The company introduced special tools, as well as national and European standard 2.6 and 3.4 caliber tools, which can basically meet the needs of most pen ink absorbers.

The inking device shown in the product picture is only for composition purposes and is not a package sale product.

Only the ink needle and auxiliary adapter ring are added in the package.

1: The display pictures are for reference only. All purchased pens can only be

guaranteed to be of the same style as those displayed.

2: Due to the camera, lighting,

display settings or human feelings, there will be color difference in the real object.

There is no guarantee that the color seen by the buyer is the same as the real object.


After receiving the pen, please do not add water. First, check whether the pen has

quality problems and is dissatisfied, and write without water to verify that the nib is

thick enough to meet your requirements. Water filling shall be carried out after the

above problems are confirmed to be OK. Once the pen is filled with water or dipped in

ink, it cannot be returned or replaced. It can only be adjusted and repaired.

4: If the pen

is damaged, damaged, scratched or other surface quality problems visible to the naked

eye, please put forward them within 48 hours after signing. You will not be

responsible for the overdue. If the goods are returned due to quality problems such as

writing and use, please submit the goods within 7 days after signing for receipt. You

will not be responsible for the overdue goods.

6: Because the pen is lathe cut, the resin

material has a certain transparency, so the tool marks cut by the lathe can be seen

inside the pen body, which is more obvious in the transparent color. These traces are

unavoidable. If you can't accept them, please don't buy them.

7: Since the item core

used in the pen is made of transparent material, you will see the internal crack of the

material caused by the acceptance of the new material during the assembly of the pen

tip. This problem will not have any impact on the quality and use. Please do not buy if

it is unacceptable.

8: If you are not satisfied with the purchased goods and want to

return them, please keep all the complimentary goods and ensure that all the items are

unused. Please return all items when returning. Our store only accepts the unified

return of all items purchased at the time, and does not accept the situation that some

items are left and some will be returned.

9: As for the freight allocation for the repair of

returned pens, if there is a quality problem, the store shall be responsible for the freight

arising from the round-trip replacement or return. The buyer shall be responsible for

the expenses arising from the return and replacement of other non quality problems. If

repair service is required, the round-trip transportation cost will be borne by the buyer.

Please read the instructions carefully. If you can't accept the above instructions, please

don't buy. So as not to cause unnecessary disputes. thank you.

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