Высокоуровневый сервогибочный станок с ЧПУ CT12

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Modifying machine parameters will cause damage to important parts or unconventional product quality problems.
Do not expose the CNC system to an environment with high humidity, otherwise there will be a risk of electric shock and shorten the setting.
Preparation life cycle.
When cleaning the CNC system, be sure to disconnect the main power supply, and do not use alcohol or ammonia-based liquids for cleaning.
In case of system failure, you need to contact a technician.
Do not expose the system to sunlight or other heat sources.
The CNC system should be far away from magnetic equipment, such as transformers, motors, or equipment that can cause interference (such as welding machines, etc.)
The original version of this manual is written in English. If there is any conflict or understanding problem, the original English manual shall be used as
quasi. Due to the continuous improvement of the system, if you can get any feedback about the inconsistency of the manual
See you, Cybelec will be very grateful.

1. Due to software changes and different configurations and functions of the CybTouch that controls the machine tool, the current user manual may not be completely consistent with the CybTouch used. But the difference is subtle.
2. Do not touch the screen with hard objects (metal plates, screwdrivers, metal ballpoint pens, etc.); only use your fingers (with or without gloves) or the plastic end of the pen. Make sure that there are no metal particles at the fingertips of the glove to avoid damage to the screen. Do a few minutes of touching the screen and you will find that the screen is responsive and easy to use.
3. It is strictly forbidden to use solvents, gasoline, benzene, alcohol, etc. to clean the screen.

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Company Profile

About ADM
Suzhou Alston D.M Laser Technology Co., Ltd is an integration of laser cutting machine manufacturer and
industrial machinery trading company based in south central China, Suzhou city.
Suzhou Alston D.M Laser Technology Co., Ltd
Suzhou Alston D.M Laser Technology Co., Ltd is dedicated and committed to represent the highest quality
in equipment and customer service.
Who we are
1. An ambitious laser cutting machine manufacturer that enjoys a leaping growth over the past 6 continuous years.
2.Laser cutting machine and parts exporter in China.
3.Metal sheet processing machinery & parts international trading and exporting.
4. Tech service provider, including machine installation, debugging, upgrading, maintenance, trouble-shooting.
5.Purchasing service provider, we help purchase all the industrial machinery and parts for clients.

Device model naming rules:
1. Solar system
2. The Milky Way (English: Milky Way Galaxy)
3. Andromeda Galaxy (English: Andromeda Galaxy; M31; NGC 224; once known as the Andromeda Nebula)

SS economic version
MWG quality version
AG high configuration version (VIP customer NGC 224)


1. What is your Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Advantages?
Top-rated laser source: stable beam quality, long service life;
User-friendly control system: Easy to use, even a green hand can get started quickly;
Exceptional service: quick response, lifelong after-sales service, we are still serving customers’ who have built relationship
with us for more than 10 years

2. Do You Have Agents or Distributors in Our Country?
We have ender-users all over the world.At present, we have agency in India, Vietnam and Russia.If you are interested in agency cooperation, please contact us for detailed agency policy.

3. Are you a factory or a trading company?
We are factory, with headquarter in Suzhou,JIangsu province , and branch in Wuhan,Hubei province.

4. When I got this machine, but I don’t know how to use it. What should I do?
We will provide user manual and video of the machine. In addition, our engineer can also provide training online. If necessary, we can also provide door-to-door service

5. If some problems happen to this machine during the warranty period, what should I do?
We will provide 2-3 Year Warranty, and will supply free parts during the machine warranty period if the machine has some problems.
We also supply free life long after-sales service. Thus, any problems, just feel free to let us know, we will provide you

6. How to make the payment and how about the delivery time?
We accept to make the payment by T/T, Credit Card ,Online Bank Payment,etc.Lead time 10-15 working days for the standard machine;Lead time 20-27 working days for a non-standard machine.

7. Q: How can I choose the most suitable machine?
A: In order to recommend you the most suitable machine model, please let us know the following detailes:
1.What is your material?
2.The size of material?
3.The thickness of material?

8. Q: If we need Yosoontechnician to train us after order,how to charge?
A:1) If you come to our factory to get training,it is free for learning, 1-3 working days.(Every one learning ability is
different,also according to details)
2) If you need our technician go to your local factory to teach you ,you need to bear the technician’s business travelling
ticket / room and board/ and additional 100 USD per day.

9. About accuracy, we have observed that after some time "Machine accuracy can increase gradually" and after long time, the difference reach to its maximum level. How about your machine?
The frame of the machine is annealed, it can support shock resistance(the machine will deform if without annealing ). So the accuracy of the machine can keep its original accuracy for 4-5years. The weight of the machine can reach 4.5t-5.0t. It also can let the machine have higher accuracy and higher stability.

10. What’s package, will it protect the products?How is the shipping method?
A: As per your actual address, we can effect shipment by sea, by air, by truck or railway. Also we can send the machine to your worksite as per your requirement . Nude Packing for big parts after plastic film covering. The small parts packed into wooden cases which is suitable for seaworthy transportation.

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