Spot Polyester Flame Laminating Machine for PVC Mesh Fabric

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Product Overview


Product Description

Flame laminating machine is a kind of thermoplastic materials (such as: sponge made of polyester, polyether, polyethylene or other adhesive films and textiles, PVC films, artificial leather, non-woven fabrics or other materials), It is a machine that is compounded with other materials after the surface of the sponge is burned by a rapid flame. Three layers of materials can be compounded at the same time through two sets of combustion fire platoons. The principle of bonding is to rapidly burn and melt the sponge through a linear gas burner, and the sponge produces a sticky film. The sponge and the upper fabric and lining will be bonded together when passing through the gluing gap between the pressure rollers. Large-scale flame compounding equipment provides continuous flame compounding for automobile interior parts manufacturers. Equipped with imported fire platoon, advanced servo control system, intelligent operating system, constant tension cloth storage rack mechanism, cloth tension control system, gas constant pressure mechanism, cloth centering control mechanism, etc.


Working Process: Flame lamination is a process that adheres material to one side of the fire retardant foam or EVA.
Pass the foam or EVA over a flame produced by a flare roller, creating a thin layer of sticky stuff on the surface of one side of the foam or EVA.Then, quickly press the material against the sticky stuff of the foam or EVA.

Technical Parameter
Composite materials: cloth, leather, sponge, XPE composite materials, etc.
Roller surface width: 1800mm
Maximum effective composite width: 1650 mm
Transmission mode: motor driven
Control system: PLC, touch screen, frequency conversion synchronization
Whole machine power: 18KW
Machine size: 16000mm (length) * 2200mm (width) * 4000mm (height)
Cooling method: water cooling
Working speed: 0.5-40m/min
Pressure roller method: pneumatic
Tension control: magnetic powder constant tension, tension sensor
Opposite way: hydraulic, pneumatic
Frame structure: square tube
Maximum unwinding diameter of material: According to customer's order.


1.Gas Type: Natural Gas or Liquefied Gas.
2.The water cooling system well enhances the lamination effect.
3.The air exhaust diaphragm will exhaust the odor.
4.Fabric spreading device is installed to make the laminated material smooth and neat.
5.The strength of the bonding depends on the material and the foam or EVA selected and the processing conditions.
6.With high integrity and long term adhesive durability, the laminated materials touch well and is dry washable.
7.Edge tracker, tensionless fabric unwinding device, stamping device and other auxiliary equipment can be optionally installed.


Various material can be laminated:
Fabric + foam ;Fabric + sponge;Non-woven + Sponge, Non-woven + foam...etc

To laminate foam with woven or non woven fabrics, knitted, natural or synthetic fabrics, velvet, plush, polar fleece, corduroy, leathter, synthetic leather, PVC, etc.

Automotive industry ( car interiors, car seats)
Furniture industry ( office chairs, sofas, babies items, stuffings)
Footwear industry
Garment industry
Household cleaning products -PU-fibre scourers
Heat insulation - sound absorption, etc.

About Us

Honghua Special Equipment Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer and distributor of composite machinery and special equipment machinery. Company has our own power plant, has ten years of experience in this field.We can provide:Mesh belt type laminating machine, Flame laminating machine, Adhesive laminating machine, Hot melt adhesive laminating machine, Glue point transfer laminating machine, Laminating materials production lines, Continuous production line for UD without weft cloth, Wall cloth compound machine, Teflon belt laminating machine, Cutting machine, Cutting bed, etc.
Adhering to the development path of scientific and technological innovation, Honghua Machinery has established close technical trade relations with Russia, Turkey, Japan, France, Czech Republic, India, Vietnam and other countries. Our products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions. The company's product quality has been recognized by customers at home and abroad and enjoys a high reputation. All of our equipment can be customized.Welcome to our factory site investigation and cooperation!

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The products of Jiangsu Honghua Special Equipment Co., Ltd. passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality system demonstration,
There are 40 products that have obtained patented products, and 12 products have passed the provincial new product scientific and technological achievements appraisal. The technical content of the products can replace imported products.


1. Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
We are a manufacturer with more than 30 years of manufacturing and R&D experience.
2. Where is your factory?
We are located in Dagang Metallurgical Industrial Park, Yandu District, Yancheng, just 1 hour from Shanghai High Speed ​​Rail.
3. Does your company have a research and development department?
Yes, we have established Honghua R&D Center with Nantong University, Shanghai Tongji University, National Taiwan University. Honghua Machinery Co., Ltd. is a special equipment manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience in various laminating machines and UD laminating machines. We always believe in technology and market-oriented research. Every year, we develop a series of solutions for practical field application problems and develop new machines for customers, such as Tesla, Toyota, BMW, KIA, 3M, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and other customers. We can also provide customized machine services according to the actual needs of customers.
Our goal is to solve every customer's on-site problem, achieve better material finishing/processing effect, and become a customer's think tank. If you have any new ideas about our machines, please feel free to contact us!
4. How can I trust your quality?
We have a strict and scientific quality control management system, and passed strict CE and ISO international certification to maximize product quality. We are committed to the research and development of new materials and new technology production lines. We have 100 new invention patents and 80 practical patents.
We have professional quality control personnel. For each step of our machine production, a group of quality control teams will be responsible for inspection. Before the item passes all inspections, the following steps can be performed.
At the end of the machine assembly, a series of tests will be performed. We will not deliver until the machine passes all tests.
We provide a one-year warranty for our machines. Usually, our customers have been using our machines for at least 10 years, 15 years or even 30 years. Throughout the life of the machine, parts will be replaced at cost.
5. How to operate the machine?
You have never used such a machine before. You just want to expand our business and start a new business. do not worry! When buying our first machine, almost most overseas customers were in the same situation. We have skilled and experienced follow-up service personnel who have developed complete solutions to meet the needs of customers like you. In addition, we have a team of professional engineers with rich experience in installation and commissioning, which can perform the installation, testing and operation guidance of overseas machines.
6. What is the transaction process?
Determine the plan, pay 30%-40% deposit, bring the test machine, if you are not satisfied with the sample test, we can refund the deposit. Pay the final payment and deliver.

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