Wholesale price 1 litre 20 litre cut polish paste compound for car Regular Grade heavy cut polish Paste Compound (1600283572016)

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Product Overview


Product Description

Product Features
Silicone Free:
100% body shop safe
Permanent Finish:
Contains no fillers so scratch marks will not reappear.
Cut/Polish two in one:
Removes P1200 marks and final with excellent gloss. Can be used with 7000B Finishing Compound for an enhanced gloss finish on dark

Product Description.
300 Plus Paste Compound offers rapid removal of minor surface defects and swirl marks from all modern paint systems. Super on darker colors, which is recommended for use on OEM and re-finish paint systems. This versatile product can be used by hand or machine

Recommended Usage.
1. Clean surface thoroughly prior to polishing.
2. Shake the bottle prior to use and apply a small quantity of the product onto the polishing pad (a pea-sized drop is sufficient for an area measuring approx. 40 x 40 cm).
3. Use the Cut Foam Pad W7007 in the event of heavy signs of use. After the sanding marks removed, use the Polish Foam Pad W87007 to remove swirls and holograms.
4. Use either a rotary or an orbital polishing machine and use the cross-coating method. Apply light pressure at the start of the polishing process. Take away the pressure in the final cycles and increase the speed of the polishing machine.
5. If working on very dry coatings, soak the pad, and spin off excess water, to prevent dust formation.
6. At first, the polish will seem a little milky and should be worked in until only a slightly transparent/oily film is visible.
7. Once you have finished polishing, remove any residue with our Microfiber Towel, without applying any pressure.
8. Any signs of sanding and use have now been removed. For an exceptionally glossy finish and protection, apply 908 Ultra Seal.

Company Introduction

Leada New Material Co.. Ltd is the outstanding pioneer in the Car Care Products and Industrial Chemicals Markets. Our company owns a well-rounded production line, technology, sales and marketing system to provide needed chemicals for various production fields, including car care & beautify industry, marine painting care , furniture manufacturing, FRP molds and etc.

Till now we have been focusing on automotive care & cleaning markets for 10 years. We produce all series of car beauty products, including automotive wash, cleaners, degreasers, polishing compound, car wax, coating and accessories.

Our Services & Strength
Impurities: We order raw materials only from the world's major brands; the production environment is clean and tidy; the production process is all pipelined.
Viscosity: The viscosity of our products is consistent with the big brands on the market. From the raw materials entering the factory to the temperature changes in the production process, there are professional engineers and professional laboratory instruments to ensure the consistency of viscosity. At the same time, we can also customize the viscosity according to the customer's requirements and meet the MOQ quantity (200L).
Precipitation stratification: The formulation of each product is strictly adjusted, tested by high temperature, ultraviolet light, shock, etc., and then sold to the market. Each product has a separate formulation to ensure that there are no quality problems with sedimentation delamination.


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