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tangerine peel sausage
Pork, sugar, soy sauce, spirit, edible salt, MSG, water and food additives
fresh scent、Ready to eat by heating

Q:Can sausage be opened for food?
A:Sausages are preserved meat products in the air drying process and can be eaten after cooking.

Q:Why do sausages smell like wine?
A:Sausages are made from Baijiu, and the smell of fresh meat is eliminated by natural methods, which makes the juice more fragrant. After cooking, it gives off a slightly tipsy wine and makes the dishes more fragrant.

Q:How to deal with air leakage in packaging?
A:Before leaving the factory, the products are sold only after passing the physical and chemical index test, because the sausage is a pickled meat product, and the inner packaging is vacuum packaging. However, the air leakage in the inner package of individual goods may be caused by bumpy transportation, which only affects the appearance of the product, but does not affect the quality and taste of the product。

Q:How to store?
A:In order to maintain a good taste, please store the product in a room temperature, cool and ventilated place or refrigerator after opening, and eat it as soon as possible within the validity period.

Q:On the ratio of fat to lean
A:We use automatic enema, occasionally there may be uneven mixing, but our sausage is produced in accordance with national standards, please rest assured to eat.

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