Детокс сауна для похудения, которая может выпускать токсичный и грязный пот (1600286688873)

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Natural Multi-mineral Bedrock bath bed
Natural Multi-mineral stone "TENKOUSEKI" is a rare tuffaceous sandstone with exceptionally strong energy from the ancestral mountain range of "Asosan" located in Kyushu, Japan. The rock heating Natural Multi-mineral Bedrock bath bed, made of "TENKOUSEKI", emits heat from a far-infrared flat heating element. Unlike transmitted heat emitted by bedrock or ceramic, it gently penetrates through the skin and resonates with cells through your entire body, softly but effectively warming up your body core.

This is Natural Multi-mineral Bedrock bath bed’s best feature. Toxic substances such as dioxin and lead are not soluble in water but dissolve in your body’s fat, so it is difficult to get rid of them just by sweating in a sauna or bath. This is where sweat produced by the sebaceous glands becomes important. Sweat from deep within the epidermis contains toxic substances and cholesterol fat. Natural Multi-mineral Bedrock bath bed’s temperature can be adjusted and anyone can easily sweat out the toxins from their sebaceous glands just by lying down for 30 minutes.

Why do sebaceous glands produce sweat with Natural Multi-mineral Bedrock bath bed’s thermal health method? The answer lies in the flat heating element of the natural gemstone ("TENKOUSEKI"). Natural Multi-mineral stone "TENKOUSEKI" resonates deeply with cells because it is an organic substance just like the human body. This also directly affects the sebaceous glands in the deeper layers of the skin, allowing them to efficiently discharge toxic substances along with thick, dirty sweat. Your healthy life expectancy increases just by sleeping on the Natural Multi-mineral Bedrock bath bed like on a regular bed.

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Natural Multi-mineral Bedrock bath bed
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