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Beeswax is divided into yellow and white colors, used in medicine: pills, soft capsules, cream milk; stationery: ink, wax paper,pencil; daily: shoe polish, polishing wax, wax emulsion, floor wax, wax, batik; furniture : Process carving, stone polishing;Aerospace: Electronics, military.
The yellow beeswax is a light yellow, brownish-gray or yellow beeswax extracted from beeswax. The food-grade yellow beeswax can be eaten directly and it has the effect of beauty and beauty. In addition, this substance is also found in foods that we usually do not pay much attention to.
The yellow beeswax has the characteristics of low melting point and smoothness and plays a very important role in the food manufacturing industry. Nowadays, there are all kinds of sweets on the market. Most of these sweets are brightly colored, smooth and bright, and people can see the big movements of the index finger. This is because the yellow beeswax is often used as a polish and glaze for the candy. And after the fruits of citrus and orange are on the market, we will see the surface of these fruits as if they are attached to a layer of oil. We look at the colors and look good. When we bake coffee, the colors are also very good.
This is the reason. Many bakers use it as an adhesive for bread and various kinds of sugar foods. There is now almost all of the packaged foods contain flavors and food additives, flavors and food additives can not be directly into the inside, but with yellow beeswax as a carrier and thinner in the food ingredients. It meets the needs of modern food production and plays an important role in the food processing industry.

Yellow beeswax standard
Accord with Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2015 Edition)
Premium Grades
First grade
Qualified product
Sensory and organizational status
Milky white, light yellow, bright yellow (Chinese beeswax is usually more colorful than Western Beeswax)
Yellow brown,gray yellow,brown
Matte, corrugated, with general protrusions between
Beeswax aroma
Close structure, fine grain, consistent color
Compact structure, fine particles, darker bottom
Close structure, coarse grain, darker bottom, but no more than 1/3
Standard code
Peroxide value w%
Acid value(KOH mg/g)
Saponification value(KOH mg/g)
Melting point ℃
Glycerol and other polyols w%
Carnauba wax experiment
Pure white wax, paraffin and other wax experiments
Fat, Japanese wax, rosin and soap experiments

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Q1: Can I get some samples?
A: Yes, sample order is available for quality check and market test. But you jave to pay the sample cost and express cost.

Q2: Do you receive customized order?
A: Yes, ODM & OEM are welcomed.

Q3: What's the lead time?
A: According to the order quantity, small order usually need 3-5 days, big order need negotiation.

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