12Volt Truck Air Conditioner Battery Driven Electric Air Conditioner System APU Unit for Truck Parking DL 2000F1

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A. This split air conditioner is designed for Recreational Vehicles, Campers, Trucks, Construction Vehicles, and other Specialty Vehicles and Equipment.


B. The ability of the air conditioner to maintain the desired inside temperature depends on the heat gain of the area being cooled. Some preventative measures taken by the occupants of the vehicle can reduce the heat gain and improve the performance of the air conditioner. During extremely high outdoor temperatures, the heat gain of the vehicle may be reduced by:  


1.Parking the vehicle in a shaded area;

2.Using window shades (blinds and/or curtains);

3.Keeping windows and doors shut and minimizing their usage;

4.Avoiding the use of heat producing appliances.


C. Operating on High Fan/Cooling mode will provide maximum efficiency in high humidity or high outside temperatures.


D. This split air conditioner features with high cooling performance, high anti-vibration and anti-impact ability, can be widely applied on various vehicles and lifting equipment.



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