Full automatic Large Capacity sunflower oil press machine/oil production line

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Process of oil extraction workshop

1. The purpose of rolling billet is to destroy the cell structure of oil, increase the surface area of oil, shorten the distance
of oil outflow, which is conducive to the extraction of oil and improve the effect of steaming and frying. During the rolling
process, the external mechanical force can be used to destroy the cell structure of oil and the cell wall of some cells. The
rolling billet makes the oil change from granular to flake, reduces its thickness and increases its surface area. When the solvent leaches out the oil, the contact surface between the billet and the solvent increases, and the diffusion distance of the oil shortens, which is conducive to improving the speed and depth of the leaching.
2. Steaming and frying. Steaming and frying is one of the effective methods to improve the oil yield of soybean, and it is also an important process in oil production. After heat treatment, the raw soybean is sent to the oil press equipment for pressing, which is called hot pressing, which can improve the oil yield. The quality of steaming and frying can affect the oil yield of soybean and other oil plants to a great extent.
3. Press out the oil. The shape of oil soybean is different from other oilseeds. Therefore, in the process of pressing, the requirements for screw pressing and chamber pressing are different from those for other oils. In production, it is required to have serrated curve and conical surface, which is conducive to the full destruction of soybean molecules and the maximum oil production.
Refining process
1. Degumming
The main colloidal impurity in crude oil is phosphorus. The existence of colloidal substances, such as phospholipids, not only reduces the quality of oil, but also promotes the transition emulsification between oil and lye in the process of alkali refining and deacidification, increases the difficulty of separation of Gleditsia sinensis, and aggravates the loss of neutral
oil.Therefore, it should be removed first.
2. Deacidification
Oil deacidification is mainly to remove free fatty acids in crude oil, as well as a small amount of gum, pigment and trace metal substances in oil. Deacidification is one of the important factors that directly affect the yield and quality of refined oil. The most widely used method in industrial production is alkali refining deacidification.
3. Decolorization
The color of oil and some other impurities must be decolorized to reach the product quality standard. At the same time, it
provides more favorable conditions for deodorization and refining. Decolorization should meet the final color requirement of the product; Remove the relevant pigment and metal amount; Further remove the residual trace saponin, phospholipids and other colloidal impurities and some odor substances in the oil; Removal of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and pesticide residues; Reduce the peroxide value of oil.
4. Deodorization
The purpose of oil deodorization is to remove the odor causing substances and other volatile substances, improve the smell and color of oil, and improve the stability of oil quality. The peculiar smell of oil, the peculiar smell produced in
decolorization,the clam odor produced by oil oxidation, etc. In the deodorization stage, it is required to directly spray these
undesirable odors into steam distillation at high temperature in vacuum to remove them.

Can squeeze a variety of raw materials, suitable for a wide range
Small oil pressing line is fully adopted mechanical driven, it connects a series small oil processing equipment together to realize continuous oil extraction with easier operation and higher rate of oil yield. The small oil pressing line or you can say
small oil processing plant is able to process a great many of vegetable oil seeds, such as soybeans, peanuts, cotton seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, palm kernel, coconut etc. Small investment, fewer land space, labor saving and wide application.

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