carbon black n550 N 660 carvo ativado preto de grau alimentcio in chemical production (1600294664293)

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 carbon black n550 N 660 carvo ativado preto de grau alimentcio in chemical production
N550 carbon black is a kind of rubber carbon black, suitable for natural rubber and all kinds of synthetic rubber, easy to disperse, can give the rubber material high stiffness, fast pressing out, pressing out the surface is smooth, mouth expansion is small, vulcanized rubber high temperature resistance and good thermal conductivity, reinforcement, elasticity and recovery is better.

It is widely used in food, beverage, medicine, tap water, sugar, oil and other industries, and are also commonly used in wine, liquor,sewage treatment, power plants, waste incineration, electroplating and other fields.

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Also called quick pressure oven black. The particle surface is smooth, the structure is high, in soft carbon black, its

reinforcing ability is high. Used in tire cord layer, tire side, inner tube and extruded calendering rubber.

Product name
Product performance
black powder
10 ~ 5 m 3 /kg
10 3 m 2 /kg
Pour density
360 + 40㎏/m 3
Heating reduction
Gray points
Fine powder content
150 sieve residue 
300 constant extension stress
≤0.9 + / - 1.6mpa

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1,Small bag :25kg/20kg pp bag       2.Big bag :500kg-550kg bag             3.According to customers requirement .
Notes a,Must be stored in fireproof building . b.Do not mix with oxidizing agent . c.Storage place need to be sealed.

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