New designed laser technology SKZ2050 4 Ammonia NH3 measuring equipment gas test monitor (1600300789247)

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New designed laser technology SKZ2050-4-Ammonia NH3 measuring equipment gas test monitor
New designed laser technology SKZ2050-4-Ammonia NH3 measuring equipment gas test monitor to measure Ammonia NH3 with pump built-in  
Our products can be used as single gas detector at most
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It adopts 2.31-inch high-definition color screen for real-time display, and adopts gas sensors of well-known brands in the industry.


It is used to quickly detect the concentration of various gases and the measurement of ambient temperature and humidity, and alarm if the measurement exceeds the limit.


It is suitable for detecting gas concentration in pipelines or confined spaces and atmospheric environments; gas leakage or high concentration single gas purity where various background gases are nitrogen or oxygen. There are more than 500 kinds of detected gases.



It can detect 1~4 kinds of gases at the same time, and the unit can be switched:

  Optional units: PPM, mg/m3, VOL%, LEL%, PPHM, ppb, mg/L


Built-in pumping measurement, integrated water vapor and dust filter, quick response, support long-distance sampling, built-in water vapor and dust filter to prevent damage to sensors and instruments due to water vapor and dust, can be used in high humidity, high dust environment.

The sampling distance is larger than 10m, and the special gas circuit design can be directly detected; negative pressure or positive pressure -0.5 ~2 kg of gas has no effect on the measurement result.


Rich man-machine interface

The 2.31-inch high-definition color screen displays real-time concentration, alarm, time, temperature, humidity, storage, communication, power, charging status, concentration unit, gas molecular formula, gas name and other information; the menu interface uses high-definition simulation graphics to display the function names of each menu.


Large-capacity data storage function, support multiple storage methods

  Standard 100,000 data storage capacity, larger capacity can be customized; support real-time storage, timing storage, or only save alarm concentration data;

Support this machine to view and delete data, you can also upload the data to the computer through the USB interface, and use the upper computer software to analyze the data and store and print. Optional RS485 communication.


High temperature gas detection (optional)

Optional high-temperature sampling and cooling filter handle or high-temperature and high-humidity pretreatment system can detect flue gas with a temperature of 400 degrees. Higher temperature gas detection can be customized.


Three display modes can be switched

 Concentrations of 1-4gases are displayed at the same time, the concentration of single-channel gas is displayed circularly in large font, and real-time curve display.


Graphic display

  Reflect the trend of gas concentration changes over a period of time in the form of a curve.


Data recovery function

 You can choose to recover partly or completely to avoid worries caused by mis-operation.


Can set to display the maximum, minimum, and average values.


Standard USB charging, with charging protection function, support USB plug

It can be charged by a computer or a power bank, compatible with mobile phone chargers

It has overcharge, over-discharge, overvoltage, short circuit, and overheat protection

5-level accurate power display

The detector can work normally when charging.


Using 4500mA large-capacity rechargeable polymer battery, which can work continuously for a long time.


High-precision temperature and humidity measurement (optional).


Support real-time detection or timing detection

 The pump can be turned off when not testing to extend the start-up time.


Multiple alarm methods, multi-directional three-dimensional indication of alarm status when alarming

Including sound and light alarm, vibration alarm, visual alarm on the display screen. The alarm types include: concentration alarm, under-voltage alarm, and fault alarm.


Multiple alarm mode settings

  Low alarm, high alarm, interval alarm, weighted average alarm.


Mistaken operation recognition function

 Mis-operation of concentration calibration is automatically identified and prevented, which can avoid defects caused by human factors.


Zero point automatic tracking, long-term use will not be affected by zero point drift.


Multi-level calibration of target points to ensure linearity and accuracy of measurement.


Chinese and English interface can be selected.


Wide working temperature: -40~+70, support temperature compensation.



 Record calibration log, maintenance log, troubleshooting countermeasures, reminder of the expiration of sensor life, reminder of the next concentration calibration time.


Meet the design requirements of intrinsically safe circuit, anti-static, anti-electromagnetic interference.


Protection grade reaches IP65, waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof and shockproof.


Technical Parameters:

Detection gas

Ammonia NH3

Scope of detection




Detection principle

Tunable semiconductor laser absorption spectroscopy technology

Sensor life

10 years

Detection method

Built-in pump suction, flow rate 500ml/min

Display method

2.31 inch 320X240 high-definition color screen display, 5-buttons operation

Detection accuracy






Alarm method

Sound and light alarm, vibration alarm, visual alarm, sound and light + vibration + visual alarm, shut off the alarm

Response time


Recovery Time


Power supply


battery capacity

3.6VDC, 4500mA large-capacity rechargeable polymer battery, with overcharge, over-discharge, overvoltage, overheating, and short circuit protection functions

Use environment

Temperature -40℃~+70;

Relative humidity ≤0-99%RH (built-in filter can be used in high humidity or high dust environment)

Sample temperature

-40℃~+70, optional with extra charge high temperature sampling probe, can detect the flue gas concentration of 400 degrees or higher

Temperature measurement

-40~+120  Accuracy: 0.5

Humidity measurement

0-100%RH, Accuracy 3%RH

data storage

Standard configuration of 100,000 data capacity, support history viewing, deletion or data export, free host computer communication software.

The storage function is off by default, and can be set to on, and the storage time interval can be set arbitrarily.

Communication Interface

USB (charging and communication),

Optional with extra charge RS485 or RS232 communication interface

Interface language

Chinese or English can be set

Explosion-proof type

Intrinsic safe

Explosion-proof mark


Protection level

IP65, dust and splash proof





Standard accessories

Manual, certificate of inspection and warranty card, USB charger (including data cable), aluminum alloy box, alligator clip, host computer communication software, 1PC humidity dust filter

Optional accessories

Temperature and humidity measurement function, 1.2m retractable sampling probe(1-10m hose, standard length 1m), high temperature sampling probe, high temperature and high humidity pretreatment system, spare humidity dust filter.

Application occasions

Petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, flue gas analysis, air treatment and other occasions where gas concentration needs to be detected.

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