Wholesale DC AC Vlf Tester HV Top Grade Newest 220V Withstand Hi Pot Tester Electric Pressure Tester (1600300926890)

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Product Description

Wholesale DC AC Vlf Tester HV Top-Grade Newest 220V Withstand Hi-Pot Tester Electric Pressure Tester

Substation Equipment AC Series Resonance Withstand Voltage Tester AC Resonant Test System

Product details

Product Name Variable Frequency Series Resonance Test Set
Transformer class 35kV~220kV
Output frequency 30 -300Hz.
Resonant voltage waveform sine wave, THD ≤ 1%
Full load working time >60min
Quality factor load ≥ 30,MAX
Protection Over Current Protection Over Voltage Protection Arc Protection
relative humidity ≤90%RH
Applicable operating height ≤2500m
Warranty 1 Year
Product Keywords withstand voltage tester,dielectric withstand voltage tester,resonance withstand voltage tester


withstand voltage tester

Technical Parameters

I. Features

1. The device has protection functions such as overvoltage, overcurrent, zero start, system detuning (flashover), etc. The overvoltage and overcurrent protection value can be set according to the user's needs, and the flashover protection action can be recorded when the sample flashovers The value of flashover voltage for test analysis.

2. The weight of the whole device is very light, which is easy to use on site.

3. The device has three working modes, which are convenient for users to choose flexibly according to the on-site situation and improve the test speed.

The working modes are: automatic mode, manual mode, automatic tuning manual boost mode.

4. Data can be stored and printed in different places. The stored data number is a number, which is convenient for users to identify and find.

5. When the device automatically sweeps the frequency, the starting point of the frequency can be set arbitrarily within the specified range, and the sweep direction can be selected upwards or downwards. At the same time, the large LCD screen displays the scanning curve, which is convenient for the user to intuitively understand whether the resonance point is found.

6. The DSP platform technology is adopted, which can easily add or remove functions and upgrades according to user needs, and also makes the man-machine exchange interface more user-friendly.

II. Technical Index

1. Rated voltage:

    50kV---satisfy the AC withstand voltage test of 10kV cable; working frequency: 30-300Hz, test voltage does not exceed 22kV, test time 5min.

    200kV---satisfies the AC withstand voltage test of 66kV switch; working frequency: 30-300Hz, test voltage does not exceed 185kV, test time 1min.

    150kV---satisfies the AC withstand voltage test of 66kV main transformer; working frequency: 45-65Hz, test voltage does not exceed 112kV, test time 1min.

2. Distortion rate of output voltage waveform:<1.0%

3. Allow continuous working time: 60 minutes of one-time work under rated conditions;

4. The quality factor of the device itself: Q>50

5. GIS, switch, etc. test quality factor at full load: Q>20 (related to load)

6. Input power: three-phase 380V or single-phase 220V

7. Frequency adjustment range: 30Hz~300Hz

8. System measurement accuracy: 1.5%

9. The device has protection functions such as overvoltage, overcurrent, and zero start

III. Technical Parameters

1. One inverter power supply:

    Rated power: 10kW;

    Input voltage: three-phase 380V or single-phase 220V±5% 50Hz

    Output voltage: 0~400V adjustable

    Output voltage frequency: 30~300Hz

    0.1Hz step adjustable

    Frequency instability0.02%

    Output current: 0~25A

2. High voltage reactor (four sets in total):

    Rated working voltage: 50kV

    Rated working current: 1A

    Rated inductance: 115H

    Continuous working time: 60min

    Temperature rise: less than 65K

    Working frequency: 30~300Hz

3. Excitation transformer (one set):

    Rated capacity: 10kVA

    Input voltage: 400V

    Output voltage: 3/6/12kV

    Output current: 3.3/1.7/0.8A

4. One capacitor divider:

    Own electric capacity: 600pF

    Rated voltage: 200kV

    Working frequency: 30~300Hz

    Uncertainty: 1.5%

    Rated voltage: 200kV/600pF

5. One compensation reactor:

    Own electric capacity: 8000pF

    Rated voltage: 120kV

    Working frequency: 30~300Hz

    Uncertainty: 1.5%

    Rated voltage: 120kV/8000pF

6. One set of test line.

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