SS316L Stainless Steel High Pressure Homogenizer Mixing Milk Oil Cosmetics Emulsifying Mixer Pump

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Product Overview


Bonve Emulsifying Mixer Pump offers the broadest tange of its homogenizer mixers for many application. Over the years, Bonve has been focused on communication with customers and constantly optimize our mixers to be low maintenance, long-life cycle and environmental friendly. We select the Emulsifying Mixer Pump according to your characteristics of medium and condition of the technological requirements, bring you the best homogenizer for your critical process, satisfied by you and your customers.

Brief Introduction

Bonve Emulsifying Mixer Pump is an efficient type machine with mixing, dispersion, breaking, dissolution, refinery, homogenization and emulsifying. It is an ideal machine to be instead of colloid mill, ball mill and high pressure homogenizer. The machine can greatly simplify the traditional productions and upgrade the production efficiency and product quality.

How It Works?

The main parts are stators and rotors. At centrifugal and fluid forces created by rapid turning of the rotors, the stators
exercise on the materials with strong power shearing, centrifugal pressing, breaking, fluid friction, turbulent. The processed materials (solid, fluid and gas phase) are quickly refined, homogenized, dis-aggregated and emulsified. The repeat of this process can result in stable and high-quality products.

Mian Technical Features

-Capacity: Self-pumping through puts of up to 130 T/H.
-No Bypassing: Product cannot bypass the precision rotor/stator work head.
-Work heads: Three stages rotors/stators.
-Materials of Construction: SS304, SS316 and 316L.
-Motor Specification: Explosion-Proof Motor. Standard power supply: 3ph, 380V, 50Hz.
-Inlet and Outlet Connections: Flange connection as standard.
-Sealing: Double-face water flushed mechanical shaft seals as standard.
-Jacket: Desinged for Heating medium oil with temperature 180-200 Celcius.

Bonve homogenizer mixer shorts for FHM pump, which has two series, FHM1 and FHM3 based on different numbers of rotor and stator.

FHM1 series

FHM3 series

Technical Parameters

FHM1 series with one stage rotor and stator

FHM3 series with three stage rotor and stator

Processing Diagram

1. High shear mixer working with power liquid homogenizing mixer
2. Bottom type high shear mixer working with FHM1 homogenizing mixer
3. Low speed agitator working with FHM3 homogenizing mixer
4. Multi-pipe FHM3 homogenizing mixer continuous production process

Contact Us

Bonve Committed to offer high quality pumps to our clients with affordable price. The pumps we made not only durable but efficient, can definitely save a lot of your time and cost. When you choose a Emulsifying Mixer Pump, you not only get the high quality pumps, but you also get the advantage of Bonve's engineering expertise and years of application knowledge in various industries. Time and again companies specify Bonve Pumps as the “standard" equipment for their manufacturing processes. We are looking forward to be partner with you.

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