Profiling and pre milling woodworking machinery parts available homag machine edge banding (1600301882286)

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Product Overview


Profiling and pre-milling woodworking machinery parts available homag machine edge banding 





Technical Parameter

Model name LW 468
working pressure0.6mpa
feeding speed 12-24m/min
Sheet thickness10-60mm
Sheet length≥150mm
Sheet width80mm
edge band thickness0.4-3mm
edge band width12-60mm
Total power16.5kw



Conveying motorTaiwan WanxinCylinderAirtac
High-speed motorTianjin AnquanSolenoid valveYiri
Touch screenTaiwan TaidaInverterSiemens
Travel switchOmronPressure regulatingYiri
Flush railTaiwan ShangyinOther configuration Electric lift

Detail Description 



1 100% Copper motor ,Long service life, one year quality assurance, strong power




2 Gluing device,The glue pot is heated to melt the glue, and the glue is evenly spread on the board and the edge band through a special conveying structure. Press the edge band and the board tightly by the pressing wheel




3 Front and back flush device .Through the structure of automatic profiling and high-frequency high-speed motor, the cut surface is smooth



4 Roughly repair device .The rough trimming knife is a flat knife, which is used to repair and process the excess edge banding material on the upper and lower parts of the sheet edge band. The high-frequency and high-speed motor is used to realize fast cutting. If the thickness of the edge band exceeds 1.2mm, it is recommended to choose a rough repair.




5 Finishing device ,The finishing is an R-shaped knife, which is used to repair the excess edge banding material after rough trimming of the upper and lower edge bands of the processed plate, and at the same time make the arc transition between the plate and the edge band naturally





6  Scraping edge device .It is used to eliminate the ripple marks caused by the cutting process of the non-linear motion of the trimming (trimming knife and the knife marks left by the r-shaped fillet), so that the upper and lower parts of the plate are smoother and tidy



7 Polishing device .The cotton polishing wheel polishes and cleans the processed plates, removes the excess amount of glue between the edge banding tape and the plate, and makes the edge banding end surface more natural and smooth



The effect




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Surely,if without quality,we cannot win long market.we will loose long-terms customers.Quality is our responsibility.we must produce and test machine well.Becasue we are always expecing long term business.Regarding the price.

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