4T5501 excavator loader spare parts bucket teeth shank tip for bulldozer

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4T5501 excavator loader spare parts bucket teeth shank tip for bulldozer
One-Stop Solution Expert for Ground Engaging Tools

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Shandong Higher Blades Technology Co., Ltd.
Product Name
4T5501 excavator loader spare parts bucket teeth shank tip for bulldozer
Black or yellow or your customised one
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Within 15-30 days after contract established

Company Profile

Higher Blades is a professional manufacturer for ground engaging tools such as cutting edge, blades, end bit, ripper shank, teeth used on earth moving spare parts including grader, bulldozer, loader, excavator.
Higher Blades is also the only one G.E.T parts factory which also sell steel raw material directly.
During over 20years' experience in the steel industry, we become more professional on the material resources and mechanical performance.
Our annual capacity is about 8000tons/year. Now we are exporting all over the world. And we are also supplying top famous brand in Europe and USA.
Higher Blades strive to be a global trusted manufacturer and a leading supplier in G.E.T spare parts industry.

Advanced Facility

We purchase raw materials and store them in the warehouse, first carry out quality inspection, we start cutting, inspecting whether the product after the cutting meets the standard, and then perform CNC punching, groove milling, and most importantly heat treatment The process, we use the international advanced level of heat treatment line, can make the product have better wear resistance, straightening and shot blasting after heat treatment, and finally painting, packaging and storage.


Every step of the process of our products has been inspected layer by layer. After the product is completed, the product tolerance will be tested to ensure that each product out of the warehouse meets the standard tolerance. The purpose is to provide customers with satisfactory products and provide customers with strong support.

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Q: Are you a factory or trading company?
A: We are Motor grader cutting edge grader blade factory! We have over 100 staff, our producing center occupies over 5000 square meter.

Q: What resources advantage do you have?
A: We are the only one factory who are also a big steel agent with capacity 600 000 tons/year. It brings unique advantage on the raw material cost and quality. We provide best quality boron steel (30MnB) and economic carbon steel.

Q: What technology advantage do you have?
A: Based on our special experience in steel material, we have more professional knowledge on the heat treatment. We can ensure good hardenability and providing better wear resistance of Motor grader cutting edge grader blade.

Q: What equipment do you have?
A: We have Germany Kjellberg CNC laser plasma cutting machine, China best auto-roller heat treatment line, higher-speed drilling machine, drilling-punching machine, etc.

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