1kg Multicolor Pearl Shaped Hydrogel Crystal Soil Water Beads Gel Mud Grow Jelly Balls For Flower/wedding/ Home Decoration

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Product Overview


Naxing Rain bow Mix SAP Water Storing Glitter Deco Ball Polystyrene Pearls Water Beads

Product Description


Water Beads

Water beads are also known as crystal soil, gel beads, water crystal, crystal mud etc.

Its technical name is super absorbent polymer (SAP for short, or super absorbent resin).

The technical component is sodium polyacrylate (CAS#9003-04-7).

It's a bio-degradable material, which has been used as for decoration, soil replacement for planting, fragrance carrier, cold/hot pack etc.


For years, CSI have successfully improved this promising material,

which means water beads that CSI produced have better elasticity and cold/hot sustainability as well as colorfast, non-toxic and odorless features.

water beads multi (14)





· Simply put the water beads into your vase or container, add 1 liter of water per 10g of water beads,

· leave them to soak for 3 to 4 hours, drain any excess water and they are ready for use.

· Add less water to get smaller but more elastic soaked beads. 

· Warm water can speed the soaking process.


A new type of dirt free cultivating material, reduce bacteria.

Non-toxic, biodegradable, harmless for plants.

Odorless and does not attract insects, especially mosquitoes.

Eliminate dirtying your hands with messy soil.

Fertilizes and provides sufficient moisture to promote healthy planting.

Multicolor, transparent and brilliant.

Many shapes are available, such as conch, fish, flower, dog, hello kitty, foot print and etc.

Can expand 10 to 20 times of its original size.

product water beads


round, pearl shape


1.5-2.0mm, 2.0-2.5mm, 2.5-3.0mm, 3.0-4.0mm

Water  Absorption 

80-120 times in weight

Available Colors

red, maroon, yellow, golden yellow, blue, purple, orange, green, light green, black, transparent and

Assorted color


Bulk packing: kraft bag

Small packing: hang card, sealed plastic bag, jar, tube, etc.




Water beads are extensively applicable to various indoor plants(such as orchid and lucky bamboo),decorative asphodel pool,

ikebana(preserving freshness of flower for a long time), crystal candleholder(used in genial and romantic cafes, bars and recreation places), Christmas presents and daily indoor cultivation.

Water Beads  (174)Water Beads  (176)

Packaging & Shipping


Packaging Details:

pvc bag,Aluminum foil bag,PET bottle,tube      10g/per package

1. 25KG/Bag, Kraft paper bag, without printing;

2. Customized by your requirements, packing by PVC bag, with printing or without printing.(5g,10g,70g,etc)

1.Color bag: 10g/bag

2.  PET bottle: 100g/bag, 250g/bag, 1kg/bag

package (4)water beads (110)water beads (107)water beads (103)water beads (37)water beads (33)water beads (35)water beads (38)

product usage

1,Put the beads into container,add water,leave it away.

2,About 6 hours later,it will bulge well,then fall over the left water,put it into a transparent container  which looks    more wonderful.

3,Add the plant nourishment liquid,can plant houseplant.


5,When it lose water,you can add some,it will restone soon.Usually it can use repeatedly more than 1 year.



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