Водонепроницаемый ЖК цифровой счетчик часов Тахометр маленький двигатель искровой мотоцикл

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Product Overview


Waterproof LCD Digital Hour Meter Tachometer Small Engine Spark Motorcycle



Scope of application

Widely used in motorcycle, atV, outside motor, generator, lawn mower, chainsaw, construction machinery, ships and other gasoline engine with spark plug equipment

1. Timing function

1.1 When the gasoline engine ignition signal is continuously detected, the hourglass blinks on the timing interface and time is timed

Timer start

1.2 When a group of total, the timing range is 0-99999h, total can be cleared

1.3 Timing accuracy: 0-9999.9h, 0.1h, 10000-99999h, 1H

1.4 Total time reset mode. In the timing interface, press S1 and S2 at the same time, and the 01RPM interface appears.

Continue to press S1 to select 05 and clear the total

1.5 Timing mode, gasoline induction timing

2. Maintenance function

2.1 Maintenance range is 0-9999.9h

2.2 Maintenance time can be set manually

2.3 Reminder mode: When the countdown is 0, the SERVICE reminder is displayed

3. Speed function

3.1 When the gasoline engine ignition signal is continuously detected, the engine when is displayed on the speed interface

Front rotation, the timer begins to work

3.2 Speed range: 0-30000rpm

3.3 Stroke selection: 1P1R 2P1R 1P2R the default is 1P1R

3.4 Speed accuracy: ±50RPM

3.5 Refresh rate: fixed at 0.5s

4. Sleep function

4.1 If the timer does not operate at 120S, it will enter the hibernation state with no display to save power

4.2 In the hibernation state, press any key, or the engine signal is detected, the display will be restored

5. Power supply mode

5.1 Internal button battery (CR2450) power supply, service life of 3-5 years

6. Can be set separately as timing mode, do not measure the speed

6.1 In the timing interface, press S1 and S2 at the same time to display the 01RPM interface. Press S1 to select 04 to enter the separate timing mode


2. Installation mode, surface installation, double-sided tape or screw fixation, neutral without double-sided tape and screw

3. Wiring diagram (wrap one end of the induction wire on the spark plug for 5 times and fix it with a cable tie)

4. Specifications

[Product Name] Rotational speed timer

[ Product model ]HM011A

[Timing range] 0-99999h

[Timing accuracy] 0.1h /1H

[Maintenance range] 0-9999.9h

[Speed range] 0-30000rpm

[Speed accuracy] 50RPM

[Refresh rate rate] 0.5s

[Display mode] LCD

[Product size] 73.5*47*20mm

[Display size] 41*12mm

[Length of induction line] 1.75m

UL2464 26AWG/2C

[Battery type] CR2450 540mAh

[Working temperature] -20℃-75℃

[Mounting method] Surface mounting, screw/bracket fixing

[Shell material] ABS

[ Waterproof grade ]IP65

[Product weight] 70g

[ Packing method ] White box packing

[Package size] 72*72*48mm

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