10TPH Bitumen Emulsion Plant Price , China Bitumen Emulsion Machine

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Product Overview


10TPH Bitumen Emulsion Plant Price , China Bitumen Emulsion Machine

Product Description

The bitumen emulsion plant is mainly used for road surface sealing and maintenance. Such as sealing layer of stone chips, as well as a variety of unique, irreplaceable other bituminous materials applications, such as cold mix asphalt, slurry seal. Emulsified bitumen can be used for new road construction or the existed asphalt road maintenance.

Xinyu manufactured emulsion asphalt plant have good reputation for its reliable quality, stable performance and simple operation, can meet different kinds raod construction projects.

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Components of RH asphalt emulsion machine

The bitumen emulsion consists of bitumen transmission tank, emulsion mixing tank, finished product  storage tank, bitumen pump, mill, emulsifying machine, finished pump, electrical control cabinets, pipes, valves and bas etc.









Rated capacity

Installation power



Theory power

Emulsified fineness

< 5μm

< 5μm


Water heating type

Thermal oil/electric heating

Thermal oil/electric heating


Blending tank volume




Bitumen tank volume

5 m3

6 m3


Finished product tank

5 m3

6 m3


Water tank volume

5 m3

6 m3

Emulsion Bitumen Plant




1. Adopts automatic control system, automatic monitor and adjust the asphalt content. This equipment using automatic mixing tank breasts, you can alternate drainage, in order to achieve continuous production. Valve pneumatic (electric) control, thereby reducing the labor intensity and improving work efficiency;

2. High efficiency heat exchanger can cool the finished emulsion asphalt from high-temperature asphalt emulsion to room temperature, thereby improving the storage stability; The heated cooling water can be used in emulsified asphalt production, eliminating the need for water heating costs. The whole process is environmentally friendly;

3. Thermal oil heating electric heating system heated alone and can realize automatic temperature control. The thermal oil heating system is mainly used to provide heat of warm-up and production process for temperature. Replaced the traditional way of baking blowtorch, quick, easy and efficient;

4. The core part emulsifying machine during the asphalt emulsion process was reached and developed by our company, it adopts unique stator and rotor clearance adjustment structure, can maintain the stability of small gap. After special treatment of the stator and rotor has a strong resistance to abrasion and corrosion resistance, thus ensuring the effectiveness and stability of the emulsion;

5. Adopts PLC control system. Frequency control motor to adjust the asphalt pump speed to regulate the water flow through the electric milk regulating valves, can more precisely control the content of emulsified asphalt bitumen;

6. All materials in contact emulsions are made of stainless steel, has a strong resistance to corrosion, can be applied to different types of emulsified asphalt production.



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