201X8 Gel type Strong Base Anion Ion Exchange Resin Water Softening Chemicals (1600306251395)

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201X8 is a polystyrene matrix gel type strong basic anion exchange resin, containing -N (CH3)3, equivalent to the solid alkali.With high mass full Exchange capacity and good mechanical strength.

Pale white to pale yellow clear spherical beads
Polymer Structure
Gel polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene
Functional Group
Ionic Form as shipped
Weight Exchange Capacity
Volume Exchange Capacity
Real Density (g/ml)
Bulk Density (g/ml)
Water Retention Capacity
Particle Size Range
0.315~1.25 mm≥95
Uniformity Coefficient
Whole Bead Count(%)

Reference Operation Conditions
Maximum operating temperature
Resin filling height
Operating velocity
Backwash velocity
Regeneration (desorption) velocity
Regeneration agent
2BV3~5%HCI,2BV2~4% NaOH

* Antibiotics extraction
* Water treatment
* Preparation of purity water
Corresponding Brands
* Amberlite IRA-401
* Diaion SA
* Resin should be wet state preservation. The best temperature is above 0℃. Resin should be put into a closed space or add in salt water of 5% or above if not used for a long time.Should be anti-freezing during transportation. Do not place heavy objects on the resin in case being crashed.
* Generally requires alkali- water - acid - water flow path for processing. Strict requirement needs three circulation before coming to final ion kenel.
* Need to consider different transformation expansion rate to set aside enough space to prevent resin overflow and ensure the appropriate liquid level height; Column diameter ratio should be within a reasonable range and avoid bias current; Use wet packed column or back-flushing to wash away bubbles inside resin layer.
* Before liquid going into the resin column, steps as flocculation, filtration, or sand-filtration should be taken so that it doesn’t jam resin pore with suspended solids .
* Resin inside the column that hasn’t been used for a long time should be storaged outside of the column after washing, or adding salt water in the salt resistant medium while keeping liquid level not dehydrated with usual backwashing to loosen resin in case of agglomeration.

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Q1.What is the existing capacity to produce?
The annual output of cation and anion exchange resin is more than 20,000 tons.

Q2. What are our advantages?
1. Our delivery time can be guaranteed. We use environment-friendly machine and built in nationallevel chemical industrial park
2. We have complete production lines. We can custom made the products as customer requirements
3. We are near to Tianjinport and QingDao Port, so we have lower cost on

Q3. How about our quality of products?
We will test all the raw materials and arrange them into the factory after they are qualified. After the completion of production and testing, only qualified products can be packaged. We strictly follow the production process. Workers with more than 10 years of production experience, timely deal with problems and make registration, and issue 8D report.

Q4.Can I get free sample?
Yes, you can get 200g free sample, you just need to pay for the courier fee.

Q5. What's your delivery time?
15- 30 days after receiving your payment, depends on different products.

Q7. How should I pay?
We accept all kinds of payment ways. such as Alibaba trade Assurance, T/T, L/C,D/A,D/P, O/A,West Union.
Q8. Do you have other Water purification equipment and also can supply complete after-sales service.
We can also provide these products to meet your requirements, we also have a team to do the after- sales service.
Q9.Is it possible to custom the labels with my own design?
Yes, and you just need to send us your bag design, then you can get you want.

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