12kw 8bar automated steam car washing equipment two guns multipurpose functional high pressure temperature vapor steam cleaner

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6000w 8bar automated car washing equipment prices making machine car wash multipurpose functional steam electric car washer

One year warranty.Lifetime repair service.

Super dry super pure super strong steam cleaning machine

Have been verified onsite by world-leading inspection company!


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Model C500 Specification

Working Pressure

8 Bar

Max Temp


Power Supply




Steam Output


Water Tank


Steam Nozzle

1 PC




915 x 440 x 775mm 


Electric automotive steamer car washing machine




This is a Super dry super pure super strong steam cleaning machine

, Mainly applied to clean the Interiors of Car, Air Conditioners, Sofas, Window gaps, Engines,Biological equipment,Chemical cleaning,Hospital, kitchen cleaning, Kitchenware cleaning,Floor mats, Trunks, Roofs, Carpets, Household cleaning. 


Why Choose US


The only one in China that passed the TUV, SGS steam cleaning machine factory.

Professional production in Super dry super pure super strong steam cleaning machine.

Exclusively own ultra-dry steam utility patent.

One-button start and full intelligent system and full automatic operation,uninterrupted operation for 24 hours.


1.The mainly role of steam washer is to sterilize, kill mites and remove dirt. It can be used in the place cannot be cleaned by water and cleaning fluids .


2.Steam humidity regulation,Automatic water supply system.


3.Our steamer is water saving and energy saving, a drop of water can produce countless steam. 25 liters of water can dry wash 15 cars.  


4.The most efficient steam washing method is combined steam with high pressure machine.  Washing one car with steam car washer each day, you will earn money back in one month.  


5.The best steam washing machine is able to produce ultra-dry and ultra-pure steam.


 Electric automotive steamer car washing machine





Company Information









1.     Why choose steam clean for car wash?

   Answer: The machine is multifunctional for car interior, engine and exterior wash.Steam can expand and soften the dust, degrade the oil stains and kill the germs for disinfection, this process is called "Thermal Decomposition". Then the high pressure will make the steam blow off all the dirties on the cleaned object surface. Steam is made of water liquid which is idea agent with characteristic of high density, flexibility and molecular force, can easily wash off the dirties. While gas like state will make steam can be sprayed in each dead corder for thoroughly cleaning.


2.         Will the hot steam damage the car paint?

 Answers: No.

1) Characteristic of car paint. Car Paint is highly weather resistant and supposed to endure extreme cold and heat.

2) Steam is in gas/air like state. Different from hot water, it is easy to release the heat during the process of transportation. In the distance of 20cm from steam gunjet nozzle, the steam temperature will drop to around 60°C. Our suggested cleaning distance between the cleaning object and steam gunjet nozzle is within 20cm. What's more, you can touch steam from far to near quickly to feel how hot and how dry the steam is.


3.         How about the warranty?

  Answer: 13 months. Normally it is one year guarantee for the steam cleaner, but because of the long shipping period, especially for shipping by sea, we add one month. Together with machine delivery, we have added some additional spares for your back up.


4.         What is the scope of steam cleaning?

     Answer: 1) Food industry: cleaning of food factories, beverage factories, meat products factories, wineries, bakeries, baking machines, dishwashers, etc.

                    2) Biological equipment industry

                    3) Chemical industry

                    4) Cleaning: high temperature steam cleaning, oil cleaning, seamless pipe cleaning, kitchen oil cleaning, airport stain cleaning, dryer cleaning, oilfield equipment cleaning, aluminum alloy mold cleaning, engine cleaning, food machinery cleaning, oven baking pan cleaning , transport vehicle cleaning, tank truck cleaning, factory tank rack cleaning, conveyor belt chain cleaning, auto parts cleaning, etc.;


5.         What are the advantages of your machine compared to the market?

     Answer: A: Our machines use the most advanced German honeycomb evaporator technology. This technology is the most mature and stable evaporation technology of its kind in the same kind of products. The technology has the advantages of quick steam integration, good steam quality, high saturation, stable gas pressure, safety and reliability, sufficient stamina, continuous use without loss of pressure.

                    B: The motherboard independently develops all-intelligent operation, automatic water supply, automatic boosting, automatic sleep, no power consumption (energy saving) in the sleep state.

                    C: Steam can be dry and humidity regulated, ultra-dry ultra-pure and ultra-strong steam cleaning.

                    D: Factory TUV certification, Switzerland SGS certification. Various 3C quality certifications.



Our Services


Pre-sales: Professional customer-service manager provides caring service in 24 hours, and in time reply inquiries accurately.

Medium-sale: Follow up, to provide a full range of technical service and support, let the customer know production progress any time.

After-sales: One-year warranty.Lifetime repair service.


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