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Product Overview


Product Description

Fried potato chips and French fries processing equipment has the advantages of low one-time investment, low energy consumption, multiple functions, small size, high profit, and convenient use and maintenance. The whole set of equipment consists of washing and peeling, slicing (stripes), blanching, dehydration, oil and water mixed frying, deoiling, seasoning, packaging and auxiliary equipment.

Process flow:
◆hoisting to feed → wash and peel → select and trim → hoisting to feed → slicing (strip) → rinsing → blanching and
color protection → dehydration → frying → deoiling→ seasoning → conveying → package. The equipment adjustment process can make deep-fried quick-frozen French fries.
◆ This set of equipment is made of 304 stainless steel, high yield, save labor, on site installation and commissioning.

Machine details

* The main body of the hushpuppy machine is made of SUS304 material, two-way mesh belt conveying products, mesh belt speed controllable and adjustable.
* Automatic lifting system facilitates manual cleaning of the body inside the hushpuppy frying machine.
* With automatic constant temperature system in the hushpuppies frying machine and can automatically control the oil temperature inside the equipment, to ensure the continuous production of Fried food temperature and at the same time.* The pressure-floating mesh belt is provided to ensure that the products are all immersed in the oil, so that the color of the food after frying is uniform.
* With insulation device and upper protective cover, it can prevent heat loss and save ene


The machine heats the edible oil through the electric heat pipe to produce the heat energy, the net belt automatic conveyer system carries the belt food to pass through the oil tank, namely has completed the food frying processing.The belt conveyor system adopts frequency conversion motor to drive the belt, and the belt speed can be adjusted arbitrarily to ensure good color, aroma and taste of food.

Product Advantages

The hush puppy machine adopts the new principle of oil-water mixing technology, saving a lot of oil. Using digital display
temperature control module, automatic temperature control, frying temperature can be adjusted in 0-300 degrees, frying time can
also be set,improving the frying quality.* Made of stainless steel, durable, healthy and easy to clean.
* Complete production line, fresh potatoes can be processed into bags of fried peanut can be sold.
* Easy to operate, we send free production formula.
* Low investment to earn profitable business.

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