Carrier Screw compressor parts 30GB660002 Temperature sensor

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Product Overview



Product Description:

1.Mainly used for lubrication of refrigeration compressors, especially refrigeration screw compressor pay more attention to the quality of the oil filter, because it directly affects the life of the screw machine.

2.Oil filter, sometimes divided into two stage filtering: essential oil filter (typically compressor built-in), crude oil filter (usually the outer).But sometimes a manufacturer of  bad professional technology will swap positions, leading to the outer oil filter not working .Each brand  filter has design their own design, such as Carrier, York.

3.Our company provide all kinds of refrigeration oil filter that is high qulity and Cost-effective .

Replacement Carrier filter :
Carrier external oil filter 02XR05006201
Carrier oil filter KH09AZ003
Carrier oil filter KH09AZ002
Carrier oil filter 06NA660088
Carrier oil filter 30GX417134S
Carrier return filter KH45LE120
Carrier external oil filter KH11NG070
Carrier external oil filter 30GX417133E
Carrier oil filter 8TBO320
Carrier oil filter 00PPG000012800
Carrier external oil filter 02XR05009501
Carrier return oil filter KH42ME060


Other brief catalogue for chiller spare parts:

Carrier temp. sensor HH79NZ047,HH79NZ059,HH79NZ024,HH79NZ032

Carrier temp.sensor HH79NZ031,OOPPG000008100

Carrier transducer OP12DA039,OP12DA040,OP12DA059(HK05YZ007)

Carrier transducer OOPPG000002000,OOPPG000003000

Carrier cable HH79NZ048,19XB660008

Carrier SCPM board 32GB500402EE,32GB500362EE

Carrier mainboard 32GB500382EE,32GB500182EE,32GB500372EE

Carrier EXV board 32GB500192EE,32GB500422EE

Carrier fan board 32GB500432EE,32GB500312EE

Carrier CNN board 32GB500062EE

Carrier CMM board CESO130038

Carrier ICVC CEPL130445-04-R

Carrier ISM card 19XR04012202

Carrier display OOPSG000281600,OOPSG001014400A,CESO130036-000

Carrier guide vane motor HF26BB029,HF26BB030,HF26BB024

Carrier electrinic expansion valve 32GB404454,32GB404534

Carrier EXV 32GB404454,32GB404534,32GB401044,32GB402544,32GB402584

Carrier motor DK12AB028EE

Carrier bearing 02XR45003101

Carrier flow switch OOPPG000030500(SC050R),OOPPG000003100(SC0501)

Carrier switch WE12BE013,HK02ZA439,OOPPG000008204

Carrier switch HR12BA011,HK06UB006,OOPPG000011400

Carrier oil pump 30HX410332


Main features:
1.The quality and performance can be guaranteed as original filter.

2. Multi-layered filter and the ripple is neat.

3.Large Pollutant capacity and long life.

4.Easy installation with perfect service.

5.Customized produce with professional technical team.


Product range:
Filters:oil filters,suction filter,dry filter,oil and gas separation,customized filters.

Chiller spare parts:screw compressor parts,centrifugal compressor parts,central air-conditioning parts.

Chiller unit:compressor and chiller unit.






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