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Low density polyethylene
plastic raw materials
Plastic Raw Resin
General Plastics


LDPE products use grade :
1.LDPE Film Grade
LDPE film grade is widely used in the production of T-shirt bags, shopping bags, food bags, garbage bags, packaging bags, industrial lining and multilayer film. Also used in beverage and medicine packaging, hot filling packaging and fresh produce packaging and anti-seepage film used in hydraulic engineering.
2.LDPE Blow Molding Grade
LDPE blow-molding grade can be used for producing smallsized containers such as milk bottles, juice bottles, cosmetics bottles,artificial butter cans, gear oil barrels and auto lubricant barrels. It can also be used in the production of intermediate bulk-containers(IBC), large toys, floating matters and large and medium-sized containers such as packaging-use barrels.
3.LDPE Filament Grade
The LDPE filament grade is suitable for making packaging film, nets, ropes and small and medium-sized containers.
4.LDPE Injection Molding Grade
LDPE injection-molding grade is used for making reusable containers, such as beer cases, beverage cases, food cases, vegetable cases and egg cases and can also be used for making plastic trays, goods containers, home appliances, daily goods use and thin-wall food containers. It can also be used in the production of industrial-use barrels, garbage bins and toys. Through the extrusion and compression molding process and injection molding, it can be used to produce the caps of purified water, mineral water, tea beverage and juice beverage bottles.
5.LDPE Pipe Grade
LDPE pipe grade can be used in the production of
pressure pipes, such as pressurized water pipes, fuel gas pipelines and other industrial pipes. It can also be used for making non-pressure pipes such as double-wall corrugated pipes, hollow-wall winding pipes, silicon-core pipes,agricultural irrigation pipes and aluminumplastics compound pipes. In addition, through reactive extrusion (silane cross-linking), it can be used for producing crosslinked polyethylene pipes (PEX) for supplying cold and hot water.
6.LDPE Wire & Cable Grade
LDPE wire & cable grade is mainly used for producing communication cable jacket through fast-extrusion methods.
7.Base Resin for Chlorinated Polyethylene
Base resin for chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) is principally used in the production of chlorinated polyethylene resin. As an
excellent modifier and plasticizer to plastics and rubber, chlorinated polyethylene is widely used in the production of plastic doors and windows, PVC pipes and sheets, waterproof coiled material, anticorrosion coating, wires and cables, magnetic material,flameretardant rubber hoses, tapes and modification ABS.

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Hebei Kaibel Biotech Co.,ltd. was located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, which is specialized in the research production and trade of Virgin & Recycled plastic raw materials, Chemicals, Plant Extract, Feed Additives and so on. In the past years, our products have spread over more than 30 countries in the world, Most of the products produced and sold are exported abroad, and it is well-received in all around the word for its excellent quality. At the same time in case to maintain good relations of cooperation with domestic manufactures, actively develop new products, new customers and constantly meet the needs of customers at home and abroad. Our company has abundant technical force, advanced craft and excellent equipment. We sincerely welcome more clients to cooperate with us.


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