Вакуумный массажер для подтяжки ягодиц, аппарат для увеличения груди и бюста, баночный массажер для терапии, увеличитель ягодиц и бедер (1600310360088)

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Product Description

Function And Theory:
-1. Negative pressure: The negative pressure inside the cup can make the local capillaries hyperemia, stimulate organs, enhance cell viability, promote functional activities, and improve the body's resistance; mechanical stimulation of negative pressure can be transmitted to the central nervous system through the reflex pathway. Adjusting nerve activity tends to balance. Inhalation and deflation of the operation, the increase of the negative pressure, and the disappearance of the disappearance, make the local pores open and close, promote skin respiration, increase the amount of oxygen absorption, and speed up waste elimination. It has the effect of warming the meridian, promoting qi and activating blood circulation, opening the phlegm and relaxing gluten,
dispersing phlegm, removing phlegm and eliminating evil.
-2. Far-infrared rays: The warm stimuli produced will expand the local blood vessels, promote local blood circulation, improve metabolism and tissue nutrition, increase the permeability of blood vessels and cells, strengthen the phagocytic capacity of the reticuloendothelial system, and contribute to nutrition. Absorption and local poisonous expulsion. Equivalent to TCM therapy. It has the functions of warming and dispersing the cold, regulating qi and activating blood circulation, passing through the active collateral, and returning to the yang to rescue the converse. Medical clinical experiments have proved that far-infrared rays have a warm function. In the range of 6-14 microns, they can penetrate the human skin to the subcutaneous tissue, dredge the meridians
and circulate through the blood circulation, improve cell viability, prevent cancer, prevent breast diseases, and regulate nerves.System, enhance immunity and other effects.
-3. Blood circulation: The blood circulation device can penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissue seven millimeters, combined with deep massage to make blood gas flow, clear the breast acini, make invisible gas to drive visible blood, transport oxygen and nutrients to the breast, and stimulate the brain Pituitary secretion of female hormones, strengthen the connective tissue of the breast, stimulate the growth and development of the breast. Promote uterine contraction, tighten skin elastic fibers, prevent skin tissue loose and scattered.
-4. High-frequency magnetic vibration massage: There is a high-frequency magnetic vibration device inside the cup, which is a new type of beauty care equipment that combines magnetic point massage and electric massage. The dual effect of magnetic field and vibration massage produced by magnetic vibration massage device acts on the body's affected parts, meridians or acupuncture points, promotes blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, enhances vitality of body cells, and produces various expected effects.

1. High quality material is environmental, safe, non-toxic and harmless to your skin.
2. The breast enlargement machine is also a lymph detox therapy body massage machine, which could expulse toxin and purify lymphatic system, refine skin pore, re-build skin and improve micro-circulation.
3. Suitable for enhancing blood circulation and promoting the detoxification of digestive system.
4. Use for different part of body to expedite fatty acid transformation. Safely and effectively remove excessive fat, reduce weight, slim up body, eliminate excessive fat on belly, improve leg shape, firm up skin.
5. It can applied for scrub, point percussion therapy, lymphatic detoxification, treat cellulites, improve buttocks to realize perfect body contour.
6. Effectively to promote uterine contraction and improve sexual apathy.
7. Breast enlargement machine use for skin lifting, tightening, beauty shaping and vacuum massage spa.
8. The professional breast enlargement machine is better to be used at home or beauty salon spa.

INSTRUCTION: (It's Recommended for 45 Minutes Per Treatment)
1. To the customer to clean the chest or to allow customers to bathe, use the appropriate skin products.
2. Exfoliating (smearing exfoliating cream/exfoliating gel) Gently massage for 2-3 minutes to remove it, and avoid the nipple during massage.
3. Insert the cup straw, select the customer's appropriate chest cup, when the customer to the chest cup to ask the customer to sit up and cup, line out, let the customer lie down after the body into the cup of excess fat.
4. Tied with a tie to the cup in the middle to improve the expansion of the breast. Then slowly adjust the size of the suction, ask whether the customer's suction is appropriate, and adjust slowly from weak to strong according to the customer's ability to bear.
5. When using the instrument to push fat on the back, apply a proper amount of lymphatic detoxification oil on the back, and use the suction cup to push the back fat to both sides of the breast.
6. After the completion of breast physical instruments, take the heated towel on the chest for a while, will feel particularly comfortable, take breast products directly applied to the breast massage 10 minutes product absorption, and then to the customer to fill in the measurement of the file card, Complete the entire course of treatment.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Material: ABS, Plastic
Color: As Pictures Show
Size: Approx.27 x 17 x 23cm / 10.6 x 6.6 x 9.0in
Package Weight: Approx.7050g

Package List:
1 x Main Machine
6 x Breast Enlargement Cup
2 x Hip Lifting Cup
8 x Cupping Cup
9 x Scrapping Cup
2 x Blackhead Suction Cup
2 x Private Parts Cup
1 x Set of Connecting Tubes
1 x Tube Connector
1 x Adapter
1 x Manual

1. Do not clean the instrument by using corrosive liquid.
2. It is recommended that pregnant women and heart disease patients avoid to do use this product.
3. Do not allow water and other liquids inside the instrument.
4. After using the breast machine, resulting in a little bruising is normal.
5. Make sure to connect the accessories normally. Turn off the power after use.
6. When thing goes wrong, do not turn off the power and contact the dealer or the manufacturer at fist time.
7. It is forbidden to disassemble this machine without authorization, or you will be responsible for your own consequences.
8. When the instrument is used for 60 minutes, it should be stopped for 10 minutes to maintain the stable life of the instrument.


Breast Massager
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
Product name
Vacuum Breast Enlargement Massager Device machine
Breast Care Lift,Body Massager,Butt Lifting,Buttock Breast Enlargement
Portable,Easy Operate,Vacuum Cup Machine,Buttock Shaping
Beauty Salon+spa+home+commericial
Vacuum Sucking,Vacuum+cups
Breast Beauty Instrument,Buttock Lift,Breast Enlargement Device
Function 1
Vacuum Suction Cupping Machine
Butt Lift Breast Massager Vacuum Pump Machine
Main machine size
17*23*27cm/10.6 x 6.6 x 9.0in
100% Brand New
Package Weight

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