Custom design waste heat recovery Industrial heating boiler

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Flexibility Thin Tubesheet Waste Heat Boiler
Waste heat recovery system designed&supplied by Tianhua Institute of Chemical Machinery & Automation Co.,Ltd has been successfully promoted in methanol unit and ammonia unit for hundreds, after years of use, complete sets of equipment of the application effect is good, the application performance is enough to prove that the domestic technology level and supply ability of complete sets of equipment is reliable.the waste heat boiler technology developed by our institute has more than 300 sets of applications in the production plant, some of them are exported abroad, and the profits are remarkable. After years of engineering applications, the quality is reliable, fully meet the user's production requirements.The WHB system includes waste heat boiler, steam drum, regulating valve and their accessories the overall designed and supplied.

Waste heat boiler

Recycle design
natural circulation
Tube sheet
Thin Tube Sheet
Industry position
Domestic leading, international advanced.

1.Stable operation, safe and reliable.
2.Stress analysis and design of flexible thin tube sheet.
3.Particular numerical calculation of high temperature inlet temperature field of heat exchange tube and Thermal protection design.
4.Particular design of water supply distribution device.
5.Other designing&manufacturing key technologies.
Waste heat boiler,WHB, waste heat recoverer, Steam generator

Product Paramenters

1.The tubesheet using flexibility thin tubesheet

2.Hot-end channel using double-insulated material

3.The highest gas-inlet temperature :1350 ℃

4.Maximum pressure: 12.6MPa

5.Diameter: φ1000 ~ φ3200mm

6.By-product of the saturated steam moisture content ≤ 0.05% (wt),The whole WHB system is very reliable.

7.Application areas:
Mainly used in methanation, methanol, hydrogen,ethylene, synthetic ammonia, sulfur recovery unit and other unit.


Waste heat boiler
Coal-to-gas methanation
Sulfur recovery
Methanol waste heat boiler
Synthesis ammonia
LNG coke-oven gas to LNG
Steam drum
With waste heat boiler, it is a waste heat recovery system.
Coal-to-gas methanator
Sulfur recovery

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