UE-780 Paint booth, economical halogen shortwave infrared heating paint room spray booth

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way to heat up
Halogen shortwave infrared heater
Outer diameter size (mm)
7000×5200×3400 (L*W*H)
Inner diameter size (mm)
6900×3900×2650 (L*W*H)
Voltage frequency
380v 50HZ
Unit device
The left and right back sides are optional.
Gate parameters
3000×2600 (W*H) three handmade sheet metal doors. The inner and outer panels of each door are sprayed with 0.7mm galvanized sheet,
the inner and outer are covered with protective film to reduce surface scratches, the inner and outer sides of the door are welded
with 1.2 galvanized keel, and the fixed hinges are welded to the keel with 6mm cold-rolled steel as embedded parts To ensure that
the door does not sag, use 140×100 aluminum mold hinges with a thickness of 15mm to ensure strength and beauty. The observation
window adopts internal high temperature rubber sealing strip, and the door is filled with 18KG flame-retardant EPS material and
the door panel is glued to ensure the overall flatness.
Work door
700×1800(W*H)mm, 1 fan, special aluminum alloy edging, to ensure that the seal is not deformed.
50mm EPS foam color steel composite board, the thickness of the iron sheet is 0.376mm on both sides, and the foam density is
10KG/m3 with keel on both sides, which can avoid tearing when loading and unloading and improve the wind resistance. The inner
surface is specially customized paper white, which improves the overall brightness of the room, and the board is covered with a
protective film to reduce scratches.
Using 0.7mm galvanized sheet, the machine-made assembly line is once pressed into shape, with fine workmanship and accurate size.
The bottom beam 1.2mm galvanized sheet is machine-formed, 30×4mm steel grid cuts 12 pieces, a total of 2; the checkered plate
2.0mm, a total of 3 Surface electrostatic spraying hoarding: 1.0mm galvanized sheet, one-time press forming
It adopts energy-saving LED lighting, 8 groups on the top, each group: 3X16W, the light box shell is made of 0.7 galvanized sheet
once pressed into shape and the surface is electrostatic sprayed.
Using Jiangsu Hengkang YDW series centrifugal fan, each power 3KW, total air volume: 25000m3/h
Heating system
Using halogen shortwave infrared radiator heating device: equipped with 8 groups of baking lamps, each group of 3 lamps, each 1kw,
total power 24kw; double-door guard, external installation.
Electric control system
Delixi components of the main electrical appliances, with lighting switch, spray paint switch, paint switch and working indicator,
temperature control, emergency stop, three-way control
Air purification system
The inlet filter cotton is Guangdong Weite high-quality filter cotton, which can effectively filter dust larger than 10 microns;
the top filter cotton VF-600, can effectively filter dust larger than 5 microns.
Cabinet material and device method
40mm×40mm×1.5mm cabinet tube and 0.7mm galvanized sheet, electrostatic spray surface treatment.
Exhaust duct
Standard configuration: 2 straight and 1 bend, 700×700×900mm, using 0.6mm, galvanized sheet machine molding.


UE-780 Spray Booth,its volume is 22 cubic meters. Can put three lift machine again,We recommend you to A small cabinet。

UE-780 Paint booth, economical halogen shortwave infrared heating paint room

1.The outer diameter size of the spray paint room is 7000 * 5000 * 3200, inner diameter size 6900 * 3900 * 2650, and door size 2940 * 2450.
2.The room body adopts EPS insulation plate, with good sealing and insulation performance, and a thickness of 50mm, double-sided 03 iron sheet.
3.The bottom grille and climbing platform are welded with 3 * 3 flat iron mechanism, lane aggravation of 3 * 4, and additional load-bearing legs.
4.The grille is a plane of 10 # groove steel or convex steel, standing leg of 8 # groove steel, welded.
5.The lighting system adopts a new design, 24 sets of 40W Huaqiang efficient LED tubes, state-of-the-art electronic ballast, no shadow during paint operation, up to 800 lux, and still working normally at low pressure to 180 volts.
6.The roof beam is welded with 4 * 4 galvanized square pipe and never rust, laying the foundation for the purification of the sprinkler environment.
7.The second floor bending parts are made of 045 color coating plate folding, beautiful and generous.
8.The filtration system adopts VF600G first-class three-dimensional rubber filtration cotton, whose life is 2 times that of plane rubber. Using advanced technology to achieve sheet airflow arrangement, it can filter dust particles in the air, paint surface without dust debris, and greatly improve the air flow, so as to ensure the clean air and the filtration efficiency reaches more than 98%.
9.The filter cotton frame is riveted with 025 galvanized square pipe with strong bearing force and never rust.
10.The heating system adopts four square copper core wire connected to 8 sets of luxury carbon fiber heating and baking lamps, with high heat conversion rate At 95%.
11.The air supply system adopts two 4KW YDW-420L fans, which is introduced by Siemens technology Built-in motor fan, low noise, high air volume and good ventilation, to ensure that the average air flow rate in the operation area is in 0.3M/S, can meet the air and cleanliness requirements, improve paint utilization and ensure air volume in the room.
12.The 25,000 m3/H, gas change number was 260 / N.
13.The box is welded with 4 * 4 square pipe, and the main sealing port is the composite panel inlaid with aluminum alloy, which is more beautiful and lays a foundation for noise reduction.
14.The air tube is a mechanism 04 galvanized plate, with a diameter of 60 * 60, smooth exhaust, the mechanism is more robust and more beautiful.
15.The electric control system, automatic temperature control, with leakage protection function, high safety factor. The door and edges are made with aluminum alloy edges and strong grip page to ensure the beauty and durability after installation.
16.The Safety anti-pressure world lock, can ensure that the paint room pressure is too high, automatically open the door, to ensure the safety of the staff.

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