Soccer carpet soft make grass non infill artificial grass lawn for outdoor soccer

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Artificial grass turf
Leisure grass turf
Grass height
10, 20, 25, 30 mm
Line spacing
Bottom material
PP + Nonwovens
Application places
Gym, kindergarden, roof, footable field, courtyard, blocking etc.

* Derived from the contemporary new technology research and development of mesh PE yarn, every inch of green considering the protection of environment, to ensure that give you joy 24 hours can be shipped to the health of the environment and atmosphere,biodegradable, can be recycled, the real green environmental protection product.
* Using the latest PE raw materials and imported pigment production, let every yarn full of elasticity and toughness, can
withstand the sport brought one hundred million rotation, bending, trample, remain is ever new.
* The basic cloth join the special reinforcement net cloth, effectively prevent the basic cloth tear, break down part of lateral force, prevent the basic cloth deform under the action of external force, improve the pull-out strength of the yarn, pull-out strength is 30% higher than the ordinary basic cloth.

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Founded in 2005 and located in Qingdao, we aim to provide professional sourcing services for clients and help them to reduce producing expenses. So far, we have built a comprehensive database of high quality suppliers and established long-term partnerships with them. We are capable of supplying any kind of products to our clients, even if it is currently not in our database. Based on our capacity and resources, we find it for our clients.

SAs a professional sourcing service provider, we have a team of professional engineers with many years of experience in the mechanical and industrial fields. We are able to convert any drawings or samples even if it is only an idea into a product thatm can meet the clients' requirements.

Product packaging


1. How long do you ship artificial turf to me after payment?
Due to artificial turf is kind of semi-customized, every client orders different dimensions. We need 1-2 days to cut by your required length, then roll and pack it by machines and other works which are time-consuming. Anyway we can make all finished in 5-7 days, then it will be ready for loading and shipping.

2. Does the artificial turf slag seriously?
NO. Because artificial turf is cutted per your order, there will be small grass scraps on the edges, which can be easily removed. And grass is fixed by glue in the back of artificial turf, so it doesn't slag.

3. How to clean artificial grass turf?
Artificial grass turf can be washed by water, if met mud or ash, which are difficult to remove, you can mob it after water cleaning. If artificial grass turf is sticked together by gum or candy, just cut them off with a scissors.

4. Does your artificial grass turf has peculiar smell?
All artificial grass turf are freshly produced by machine, then packed during all the way from factory to your warehouse in long peried sea shipping, it may has some odor. If you apply it in indoor, the smell will be gone after exposing in sunlight a moment.

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