Joshine Industrial 300 1000kg per hour fully automatic potato banana chips frozen french fries production line for sale (1600313127005)

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We are professional direct manufacturer for potato chips or french fries making machines in China.
We have different solutions for different demands:
1: Different machines for making potato chips or french fries
2: Small, medium and large capacity from 30kg/h, 50kg/h, to 100kg/h, 300kg/h, to 1000kg/h, 2000kg/h output and workflow can be customized
3: Semi automatic or fully automatic processing machines
4: Electricity or gas, diesel heating source for blanching and frying machine.
5: The size of french fries and the thickness of potato chips are adjustable.
6: For french fries line, we have special equipment to remove the unqualified fries.
7: All machines are made of SUS304, Schneider electrical components and Siemens brand motor.
8: With special designed fryer, quick heating and energy saving, enabled good performance

Fully Automatic Frozen French Fries Production Process:

Machine Name
PVC Elevator
For elevating and conveying fresh potatoes into the next washing peeling machine
Potato Washing and Peeling Machine
Thoroughly washing and peeling the potatoes
Sorting Conveyor
For manually disposing the uncleaned places and selecting the defective potatoes
Fries Cutting Machine
Cutting the potatoes into fries,  sizes adjustable from 7*7 to 12*12mm
Water Tank Elevator
water as buffer to prevent fries breakage, and simply removing starch, meanwhile elevating fries into next step
Fries Sorting Machine
Automatically picking up the small pieces fries
Bubble Washing Machine
Through high pressure waterflow and water bubbles to impact and scrub the fries to wash off the starch
Blanching Machine
Through 60-95 degree hot water blanching to inhibit the activity of the enzyme and maintains the original vivid color of the fries
Vibration Dewatering Machine
Through vibration to remove the surface water and also to transport the fries uniformly to the next machine
Air Drying Machine
Through high pressure wind blowing for pre-cooling and removing the excess water in short time, effectively prevent the fried oil jumped phenomenon
Elevating Conveyor
For elevating and conveying the fries into next fryer machine
Continuous Frying Machine
For quick frying the fries around 40 seconds in 180°oil to avoid the adhesion and extend the shelf life
Vibration Deoiling Machine
Through vibration to achieve deoiling purpose, and also to convey the fries uniformly to next machine
Pre-cooling Machine
Through high pressure wind blowing for pre-cooling and deoiling the fries
Freezing Machine
Through mechanical vibration and wind pressure, the fluidized quick freezer floats products on stainless steel mesh belt, frozen products and prevent adhesion, achieve IQF
Automatic Packing Machine
For packing the finished frozen french fries

Detailed Description

PVC Elevator for Fresh Potatoes
Potato Washing Peeling Machine

Unqualitied Potato Sorting Conveyor
Potato Cutter
fries cutting chips slicing

Water Tank Elevator
Fries Sorting Machine

Bubble Washing Machine
Blanching Machine

Vibration Dewatering Machine
Air Drying Machine

Elevator Conveyor
Continuous Fryer Machine

Vibration Deoiling Machine
Air Cooling Machine

IQF Freezing Tunnel
Automatic Weighing and Packing Machine

Suitable for large and small potato chips, banana chips and other processing workshop, we can make suitable solution according to your workshop area and your real situation!

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