Драйвер шагового двигателя DM542 Nema 23

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Product Overview


 Typical value
Output current(peak)
Input power (V DC)
Step pulse frequency

DM542 stepper motor driver
I. Product characteristics
Low price, high speed torque
Supply voltage up to 50V
Maximum output current can reach 4.2A
Three-state current control technology with low heating
Automatic halving of static current 0.4 S to 60 %
Two-phase stepper motor with 4, 6, 8 lines
Optical isolation differential signal input, maximum pulse response frequency up to 200 KHz
Subdivision accuracy 2,4,5,8,10,16,20,25,32,40,50,64,100,125,128 optional
Small size(118 x 75.5 X 34mm)
Convenient current setting, optional at eight
Four dials for 15 steps
Protection functions such as overpressure, short circuit etc..
Bipolar constant current PWM driver output
Suitable for all kinds of small and medium scale automation equipment and instruments, such as engraving machine, medical creep
Label striking machine, cutting machine, laser photo arrangement, plotter, CNC machine tool, automatic assembly equipment
Wait a minute. It works well in devices where users expect small noise and high speed

Wiring diagram

Beijing Haijie Jiechuang Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of CNC automation products. The company founder team members are all engineers, with more than 10 years of industry technical experience. The company's main products are seven categories:
1. Straight line module slide table, including high-precision ball screw module, high-speed mute synchronous belt module and heavy gear rack module, etc;
2. Servo system, including 50W-10KW AC servo motor and driver, 30-400W low voltage DC servo motor and driver;
3. Stepper systems,20-130 series two-phase and three-phase stepper motors and drivers,42-110 series closed-loop stepper motors and drivers;
4. DC brushless system, including 20W-2.5KW high and low voltage brushless motor and driver;
5. The planet reducer, including 3 arc minute high precision reducer and high cost performance standard reducer;
6. Multi-axis intelligent motion controller;
7.  Meanwell Switching Power Supply;
Our factory is located in Jiangsu Province, one of the four major motor industry bases in China, with dozens of CNC machining centers, and a number of automatic production line factories can achieve servo system monthly production capacity of 12,000 sets, stepper and DC brushless system monthly production capacity of 27,000 sets, linear module sliding table monthly production capacity of 9,000 sets.
We provide cost-effective automation products, but also to provide quality pre-sale and after-sales service, linear module products to provide 1-year free warranty, servo, step, brushless DC system to provide 2-year free warranty.

Company Profile

Company Profile

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1.What's the order process? 1)Inquiry---provide us all clear requirements (total qty and package details). 2)Quotation---officaial
quotation from with all clear specifications from our professional team. 3)Marking Sample --- confirm all quotation details and
the final sample. 4)Production---mass production. 5)Shipping---by sea or by air. 2.What terms of payment you use? As for the payment terms,it depends on the total amount.
3.How do you ship the products? By Sea ,By Air ,By courier, TNT , DHL, Fedex, UPS Etc. It is up to you .
4.What is the average delivery time? Sample usually takes about 10-20days depending on product type. Bulk order usually takes
about 35 days.
5.How would I get a price list for a wholesaler ? Please e-mail us, and tell us about your market with MOQ for each order. We
would send the competitive price list to you ASAP.

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