10*10mm neon flex 12v sign 10(W)*10(H) 2200lm SMD2835 led strip lights flexible neon

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transparent + milky
100% purity silicone raw material
Food Grade/High low temperature Resistance/Environment Protection/Non-Toxic/Tasteless/extremely soft, bendable-free/not turn
 yellow / not turn hard even for years application

LED Flexible Neon Light
LED Flexible Neon Light can be cut to desired and easily bent by hand, provided with cutting marks for accuracy.

LED Flexible Neon is very easy to shape various corners, curves, lettering, logos, patterns, motifs, and all other applications
where traditional glass neon is applied.

1. Safety
Unlike glass neon lights that have to run on a very high voltage of 15, 000V, LED Flexible Neon operates internally on 230V, 120V,24V or 12V, LED Flexible Neon is shatterproof, emits very little heal and is absolutely safe to use indoors and outdoors.
2. Low voltage, low energy used and cuttable
The LED Flexible Neon consumes only 12W per meter.It can be cut according to our scissor mark through which enduser an custom made their own length easily.
3. High and Even Brightness
LED Flexible Neon comprised of string of LED's spaced at a specific distance apart sufficient illuminate the specially designed oval-shaped encapsulating jacket to produce light with uniformity and neon-like brightness.
4. Transportable and Easy to install
LED Flexible Neon comes supplied in rolls in cartons which substantially reduces size and weight thus increasing ease of
transport. LED Flexible Neon saves customers considerable amounts of money in reducing installation time and Glass Neon is extremely fragile and heavy due to the need fo supporting structures therefore it is expensive to package and ship.
Because of the fragility and heavy weight primarily due to its supporting infrastructure, traditional neon light is expensive to package and ship. LED Flexible Neon is easy to installand can save your tremendous labor costs, energy cost comparison between traditional glass neon and LED Flexible Neon.


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