30 minutes per pet Electric control smokeless pet incinerator cremation machine animal carcasses (1600316975280)

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30 minutes per pet Electric control smokeless pet incinerator cremation machine animal carcasses 


This equipment uses secondary combustion technology, primary combustion is the main combustion, and the objects to be treated (such as pet carcasses, sick and dead animals, etc.) are put into the combustion chamber to ignite, and the pathogens are killed at a high temperature of about 1100°C. A combustion chamber is installed at the outlet of harmful flue gas, so that the flue gas can be completely burned in the second high-temperature combustion chamber to achieve the effect of harmless emission. It is an ideal choice for handling animal carcasses in pet hospitals, breeding farms, slaughterhouses, zoos, etc.

Product features

1. The fire curtain burns. A fire curtain with a thickness of about 100mm is designed in the secondary combustion chamber. The harmful smoke generated by the primary combustion is completely burned when passing through the fire curtain area above 1000℃, which has the effect of removing harmful substances and harmless treatment.

2. The furnace temperature is high. Both the primary combustion chamber and the secondary combustion chamber adopt refractory insulation materials, which can effectively increase the temperature of the furnace, accelerate the ignition of the processed objects and promote the exhaustion of the flue gas.

3. Good energy saving effect. The use of high-quality burners, coupled with a reasonable internal structure design of the furnace, speeds up the burning speed of the processed objects, saves working time, and has a significantly higher energy-saving effect than similar domestic products.

4. Harmless emission. This equipment adopts advanced incineration technology, and the exhaust emission can achieve no black smoke, no peculiar smell, and no large particles of dust. The primary combustion chamber of the incinerator is large, which is not conducive to the floating of the dust particles after the combustion of the processed material. With a fire curtain, the harmful components in the flue gas are completely burned; the secondary combustion chamber is equipped with a rotating flue, and the flue gas A small amount of fly ash in the air will be removed under the action of centrifugal force, realizing harmless discharge.

5. Automatic combustion and convenient adjustment. According to the nature and quantity of the materials to be processed, the burning time can be adjusted, and manual and automatic conversion can be quickly realized, which improves work efficiency and reduces processing costs.

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 Q1. How about after-sales service ?
A1. We have professional pre-sales and after-sales departments and can respond  you within 8hrs
Q2. How about the quality guarantee period?
A2: 2 years, exclude irrationally operating and consumable parts.
Q3. How about the quality?
A3: CE certification available and twice test before shipping.
Q4. How about the delivery time?
A4: Shipping within 3 days for regular model . 35 days for customized model.
Q5. Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
A5: We are a factory with 10 years experience in this field.


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