Ultrasonic fabric embossing machine press for beddings (1600318218786)

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Product Overview


Product Description

Suitable for all kinds of chemical fiber fabric, artificial leather, non-woven fabric, sprayed cotton, thermoplastic film, chemical plastic sheet and other flat flexible materials for high-frequency ultrasonic embossing and laminating. Widely used in knitting, printing, dyeing, clothing, shoes, indoor decoration, Bedding and automotive industries.




1. Welding time is short, automatic ultrasonic suture needle and thread, eliminating the need for frequent needle for the trouble, the sewing speed is 5 to 10 times the sewing machine quilted.

2. As a result of no needles, to avoid the sewing process with broken needle in the material within the situation, eliminating the security risks, a new generation of safety and environmental protection products;

3. There is no traditional line stitching disconnection joints, strong sticky, embossed clear, the surface is more three-dimensional relief effect, the product is more high-end beautiful;

4. After processing products without pinholes do not seepage, more waterproof and warm effect;

5. The use of flower roll mold, mold for easy, can be stitched out of the ever-changing and complex non-continuous and symmetrical patterns, but also according to customer needs to develop a variety of flower-shaped pattern;

6 According to customer material characteristics, can be customized.


Main parameters:

Power Supply380V 50HZ
Generator power600*(6*20sets)
Working frequency20hz
Working speed0-20m/min
Continuous working time 8h
Working environment temperature 28
Effective length of pattern roller1600/1800/2000/2400mm etc
Pattern roller diameter130-270mm
Motor power1.5-5kw+0.75kw-2kw+0.75kw
Overall dimenaion 7000*2500*2100mm(1800 type)











Packaging & Shipping


Inner Package: Protective Film, etc


External Package: Standard Exportd Container

  • Machines well packed with protective film and loaded in export container;

  • English version operation manual and technical data;

  • One-Year-Period wear parts;

  • Tool kit


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  1. Free Installation Training

  2. Spare Parts Replacement

  3. Free Machine Knowledge Update

  4. We according to customer needs,providing tailored services to design laminating equipment of satisfying requirements.

  5. Ordering process as follows:

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