Flange connection pulse large diameter mechanical water meter/NB digital flow meter

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Product Overview


Product introduction:
This water meter is used to measure the total amount of cold water flowing through the water pipe and output remote switch pulse signal, which is suitable for one-way flow.

Product appearance:

Technical Parameters:

Temperature rating
Maximum Working Pressure
Measurement grade
Class B
Output signal resolution
0.01m3/1 signal

Product principle:
The water meter is mainly composed of meter case, impeller metering mechanism, dial indicating mechanism, magnetic control switch and induction magnetic needle. The water flows into the water meter through the water inlet, flows into the impeller box from the lower row hole of the impeller box, pushes the impeller to rotate, and flows out
of the water meter from the upper row hole of the impeller box. The rotation of the impeller drives the gear, and the gear drives the digital panel to display the total water consumption through a series of decelerations. Each revolution of the induction magnetic needle, its upper double control switch outputs a signal, representing the flow of a unit of tap water.

Product Advantage:
1. Wide range ratio: compared with other water meters, the range ratio of large diameter mechanical water meter is wider, up to R200 ~ 400. Even the water consumption status of drip type can be counted. On the one hand, it can reduce the economic loss of water company, on the other hand, it can increase the water saving consciousness of users and save water resources.
2. Long measuring life: the large diameter mechanical water meter adopts the hydraulic dynamic balance technology of impeller mechanism, which will not produce shaft end wear phenomenon, effectively reduce the wear, bring about measurement imbalance,and greatly improve the measurement life of large diameter mechanical water meter.
3. Small pressure loss: the pressure loss of large-diameter mechanical water meter is very low, generally less than 0.01Mpa,which is one tenth of that of many rotor type water meters. It can not only save the electricity generated by water meter supply, but also reduce the leakage rate of pipe network.
4. Wide range of use: large diameter mechanical water meter is widely used in various industries, such as urban water supply, rural water supply, farmland irrigation, industrial water supply, etc.

Installation, use and maintenance:
1. The water meter should be installed horizontally without tilting, and the arrow on the meter case should be consistent with the flow direction of the pipeline.
2. The installation site should be protected from sun exposure and freezing, pollution and flooding, and easy to disassemble and read. Anti freezing measures should be taken in winter.
3. For the newly installed pipeline, the sundries in the pipe should be removed first to prevent the water meter from being blocked.
4. If the cold water meter is installed at the water inlet end of the boiler, it is necessary to prevent the hot water and steam backflow from damaging the water meter.
5. For the long-term use of water meter, the error changes due to the blockage of impurities and rust in the pipeline. Users are not allowed to destroy the lead seal by themselves, and can go to the water meter verification station for maintenance.
6. Select the specification of water meter according to the pipeline flow. It is better to use the flow rate close to or less than the common flow rate, and the diameter of the water meter cannot be determined by the diameter of the pipeline.
7. There are two kinds of water meter: dry type and wet type. It is normal that there is water and water vapor under the glass of wet water meter. In use, the old pipe, poor water quality or installed at the end of the pipe will cause rust pollution and affect meter reading.
8. The user is not allowed to disassemble and assemble the water meter sensor without authorization, so as to avoid affecting the metering accuracy of the remote water meter. If it is necessary to disassemble, please professional maintenance personnel.
9. When water is not used, if the meter moves slightly, it is caused by unstable water flow pressure in the pipeline or other reasons. Therefore, in order to prevent water backflow and affect the reliable operation of the equipment, check valve must be installed in front of the water meter.
10. When carrying the remote water meter, do not pull the wire directly, otherwise the core wire will be disconnected and the signal can not be sent out.

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