Bi Spectrum Induction Grow Light from seeding start to fruit for lettuce strawberries tomatoes growth (1600319292270)

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Product Overview


Induction grow light



  • Bi-spectrum: red and blue to meet all the growing stage

  • Low heat output and can get close to plants

  • Long lifetime without maintenance

  • Without glare and won't be uncomfortable to use indoor

  • From seeding start to fruit stage


  •    Power range from 100W to 500W

  •    Wide lighting surface area

  •    Comfortable light

  •    Full range of color temperature, a varity of power options








          Jolighting grow light spectrum.jpg










  • We have a full range of induction lamps including YH Series (40-500W), FX series (40-500W),Ball Type (60-120W),Self-Ballasted (23-60W).This will help you fulfill most of your client's requirement.

  • We have a great investment in the new product development each year.

  • Our ballasts are stable with very large tolerance to endure the instant increased load.

  • We have developed several series of lighting fixtures. This will help you to be different in the market. 

 2.Quality Control

  • We have a reasonable and scientific design on the ballast. Also most the electric components are bought from famous companies like Toshiba.

  • We have extremely strict QC test, IN process QC on each production line.

  • We have imported ICT test machine to control the fake soldering and bad soldering.

  • All the lamps need to be aging in the factory for at least 4 hours.

  • We have a professional technical team to provide constant support on the technology and product


  • We will provide 2% ballast as spares for each order in case of failures.This is not only a promise, but also an action.

  • We will response the end users' special requirement with fartest speed.

  • We will response to the problems found by the end users in the shortest time and provide reasonable and practical technical solutions.

  • We will provide professional technical support and instructions both in induction technology and lighting design       


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