Mebay ECU Engine Generator Controller DC40C Generator Spare Parts (1600321561350)

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Generator Controller DC40C ECU Engine Generator Spare Parts

This series controller is specialized for Diesel / Gasoline / Gas Genset Start, Stop,Parameters monitoring, faults-checking as well as data setting.

Item Features
1. 2.8" LCD screen. Power Interface can be changed to your company logo.

2. Dual core 32bit high performance single chip.

3. Acrylic material is adapted to protect the screen. Silicone panels.

4. Standard Equipped: USB Port.

5. RS485 Port-Realize remote control: DC40SR, DC42SR, DC40CR, DC42CR

6. CAN Port-for ECU engine: DC40C, DC40CR, DC42C, DC42CR

Item Advantages 1
1. Real time clock inside: preset time, operate and auto maintenance is available.

2. Maintenance countdown function, can set maintenance time or date.

3. The black box function can save the relevant parameters of the unit when the fault alarm occurs in real time.

4. Totally 6 relay’s output, among which 4 relay output can be self-configurable, each relay can be set as max 20 functions.

5. With 4 switches input, up to 20 functions optional;

Item Advantages 2
6. 3 sensor simulation input connectors

7. Battery charging control function, which can protect the battery according to battery voltage status.

8. Sensor can be self-defined by front face button or PC software.

9. Adapt to 3P4W, 1P2W, 2P3W (120V/240V, 50/60HZ)

10. Various of crank conditions (RPM, Frequency, Oil Pressure) can be chosen.

11. Control Protection: Auto Start/Stop of genset, load transfer (ATS control) and perfect failure display and protection.

Automatic Generator Controller DC40C
Working voltage
DC8V----36V Continuous
Power consumption Standby:
24V:MAX 1W Working:24V:MAX 5W
AC Voltage Input 
1P2W 30VAC-276VAC(ph-N) 
2P3W 30VAC-276VAC(ph-N) 
3P4W 30VAC-276VAC(ph-N)
MAX Accumulating Time

99999.9Hours(Min Store time:6min)

Fuel Relay Output
5Amp DC+VE Supply voltage
Start Relay Output
Max 5Amp DC+VE Supply voltage
Max 1Amp DC+VE Supply voltage
Excitation output
Max 0.9AMP DC+VE supply voltage
AUX. Input
Available if connecting with Battery
Working condition
Storage condition
Protection Level
IP54:when waterproof rubber gasket is added between controller and its panel
Insulation strength
Apply AC2.2kV voltage between high voltage terminal and low voltage terminal; The leakage current is not more than 3mA within
Overall dimension
Panel cutout

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