DELIXI inverter vfd 75kw 3 phase inverter 220v to 220v vfd (1600322812289)

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DELIXI inverter vfd 75kw 3 phase inverter 220v to 220v vfdall


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Model Choose

 E180 series general type(Universal type,best one)



E102/E100 series Economic Series(Good price,good performance)





We also have EM60 series MINI type,welcome to ask quotation.









Control method

V/F control

Vector control SVC

Vector control VC Invalid for E100/E102 series

Frequency accuracy

Digital value 0.02%

Analogue value 0.1%

V/F curve

Linear Square root Any V/F

Overload capacity

G type machine: 150% rated current 60s; 180% rated current 3s

P type machine: 120% rated current 60s; 150% rated current 3s

Starting torque

G type machine: 0.5Hz/150% SVC; 0Hz/180% VC

Speed regulation scope

1:100 SVC

1:1000 SVC

Speed stabilizing scope

0.5% SVC


Torque control precision

5% VC

Torque compensation

Manual torque compensation 0.10% 30.0% Automatic torque compensation

Operation mode

Keyboard, terminal, RS 485 communication

Functions of basic type

Frequency source

14 types of main frequency sources, 14 types of auxiliary frequency sources. Combined switching-over in multiple ways are available. Diversified input method of frequency source, keyboard potentiometer, external analog quantity, digital set point, pulse frequency, multi-speed, simple PLC, communication, operation results.

Torque source

14 types of torque source, including digital set point, external analog quantity, pulse set point, multi-stage instructions, communication, operation results.

Time of ACC/DEC

4 groups of straight lines, switchable by means of time of ACC/DEC, S curve 1, S curve 2

Emergency shut down

Stop the output of the frequency inverter suddenly


It may set 16 speeds maximally, which may be switched by means of multi instruction terminals.

Simple PLC function

It may set 16 speeds, and the deceleration time, operation time and frequency source may be set independently.

Jogging control

The jogging frequency and jogging time of ACC/DEC may be set independently, and it may also set the preference to jogging under operation status.

Speed tracking

The load speed tracked by the frequency inverter is started.

Fixed-length, fixed-distance control

It may realize the fixed-length and fixed-distance control by the pulse input.

Counting control

It may realize the counting function by the pulse input.

Swinging control

It may be applied for the winding equipment of textiles.

Built-in PID

It may realize SVC.

AVR function

It may ensure the output of constancy in voltage fluctuation of network.

DC brake

It may stop the machine steadily and quickly.

Slip compensation

It is to compensate the slip deviation caused by increased load.

Hopping frequency

It is to prevent the resonance with load.

Dropping function

It is to balance the several motors with the same load.

Timing control

The frequency inverter may stop working after the given time.





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