Guizhou,China dried mushroom mixed soup Feigu modern time lazy mushroom soup bag, Chanterella,Mushroom of Tea tree

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A good soup is simmered over a small fire, gathering the essence of food ingredients.
As the saying goes, "a bag of bacteria and half a chicken, chicken soup fresh to the bone", edible fungi since ancient times to lift fresh has a unique ability, retain the original taste of food material fresh, release the fragrance of the plant itself, but also can supplement a variety of trace elements, can be called the soup of the star supporting role.

Feigu Modern Moment (Slacker fungus soup bun)
55g/bag, 100 bags/case
Packing way
Plastic bag packing + carton packing
Raw material
Morchella, Chanterella, Pleurotus eryngii, Mushroom slice, Red date, Mushroom of Tea tree, Cordyceps flower, Agaricus blazei, Red
Bamboo sun
Source area
Qianxinan,Guizhou ,China
Shelf life
12 months
Storage way
Complete package, keep away from light, shade and dry place

Morchella is a kind of wild precious bacteria, because its cover surface uneven, shaped like morchella, named morchella. It is a world-famous rare edible and medicinal fungus with unique fragrance.
Morels through air drying water, again bubble hair produced aroma will be more rich, taste is far better than fresh morels.
Chanterelle is one of the four famous fungi in the world, sometimes called apricot fungus, apricot yellow fungus or yellow silk fungus. When the chanterelle is cooked, the mushroom body absorbs oil very much. When you bite into it, the oil and water in the mushroom juice are squeezed out, just like chicken oil, hence the name.

Pleurotus eryngii
Pleurotus eryngii is a new kind of rare edible fungus. The meat of pleurotus eryngei mushroom is thick and crisp. The main edible part is the mushroom handle, which is called "oyster mushroom King" and "dried oyster mushroom". It has almond flavor and abalone taste, and is very nutritious and suitable for dry processing.
Qinglong alpine small mushroom, its water content is only half of the ordinary mushroom, amino acid content is 3~4 times higher, excellent taste, and it tastes delicious, is a good material for cooking. Cut fresh shiitake mushrooms into pieces, air dried shiitake mushrooms into pieces, stewed process can release the fragrance of shiitake mushrooms to the greatest extent, convenient for the elderly and children to eat.

Agrocybe cylindracea
Columnar Tiancephora mushroom is a kind of edible and medicinal fungus with delicate lid, crisp handle, pure fragrance, delicious and delicious. It is also named tea tree mushroom because it is wild on the dry camellia oil tree. It is rich in nutrition and protein, and contains many kinds of essential amino acids.
Cordyceps flower
"Cordyceps flower" is not cordyceps sinensis, common name is not old grass, is a combination of insects and bacteria medicinal fungi, rich in protein and amino acids, and contains more than 30 kinds of trace elements needed by the human body. The biggest characteristic of cordyceps flowers is that they have no "insect body", but only orange or yellow "grass".

Agaricus blazei
Agaritae blazei mushroom is a saprophytic fungus that grows in summer and autumn. The fruit-body is stout, and the mushroom cover is 5-11 cm in diameter. It is hemisphical at first, gradually becomes mantou shaped and finally flattens, and the top is flat in the center with light brown to chestnut fibrous scales on the surface. Almond aromas and crisp texture. The cover of agaricus blazei mushroom is tender, the stalk is crisp, and the taste is excellent.
Red bamboo-sun
When the buds bloom, a spongy jade pillar with a bamboo cap on top hangs around a whirling white veil. Its graceful form is very unique in the whole fungus world. In addition, its fragrance, delicious taste, crisp texture, refreshing and not greasy, with excellent taste, loved by the soup industry.

How to eat it
1. Soak the bacteria packets in warm water for one hour, clean them, and drain them for later use.
2, chicken or ribs and other meat after washing with boiling water (to remove blood water) into the pot, add cold water to boil, add bubble hair to wash the bacteria bag, turn to small heat stew 1-1.5 hours.
3. Add proper amount of salt to the pot according to personal taste, turn off the heat and start the pot.

Matters needing attention
1. The buns must be soaked for 60 minutes in advance to ensure that the umami flavor of the bacteria can be fully released and the taste is moderate.
2. Use a casserole pot to cook soup for a long time. It is recommended to add enough water at one time, without water halfway, to ensure the strong taste of the mushroom soup.
3, in addition to stew chicken, pig trotters, old duck, etc., can also be used to make mushroom soup hot pot.
4, infants, children, edible fungi and fungus allergy should not eat, cordyceps flower consumption ≤2g/ day

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