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Product Overview


Product Overview

Automatic 3 axis 30cc syringe Hot Melt Adhesive Glue Dispensing Machine for Mobile Phone

This new machine’s main body is made out of one-piece aluminum casting molding, strong structure, stable and user friendly operation.

It provides 380x380x100mm maximum XYZ strokes for extra dispensing needs.

The machine is designed to adapt different type of dispensing applicators for different fluid or glue. Once your bought the Cartesian CNC machine, you just need to choose different applicators. It is really One for All. According to our research, with the seven different applicators, you are covering about 80% of the desktop dispensing needs.

The multi purposes clamping system allow to match with different material filling devices, and valves, and allow quick changeover. It achieves the dispensing of different products of different processes.

This is really a good machine from a reliable factory, with over 15 years focus business on the fluid and glue dispensing, potting industry.

Dispensing and potting are the precise manipulating between air, fluid, or adhesive, don’t waste your money on the cheap and non professional suppliers, you will end up buying many spare parts, and a new machine again.

multi-functional benchtop automatic 3 axis adhesive dispenser glue robots LED&LCD&PCB glue dispensing machine
• Max 380x380x100mm stroke
• Compacted machine dimensions (300mm machine dimensions)
• Bigger working stroke (380mm working table)
• One-piece casting body
• Multifunctional, reliable, simple
• User friendly, and low maintenance
Different dispensing applicators: 
1. 30cc syringe dispenser (low viscosity)
2. 30cc drip-proof dispenser (low viscosity)
3. 300ml pneumatic cartridge dispenser (medium viscosity)
4. 300ml cylinder ceramic rotate dispenser (medium to high viscosity)
5. 30cc hot melt (resin, glue stick, chips)
6. 1.5 gallons dispenser
7. 2600ml dispenser

* Glue cylinder heating module + controller, can accurately control the temperature of the glue, use with the preheating module, without waiting for heating, can heat the new glue to the working temperature in advance, so that the replacement of the glue does not affect the work efficiency.

* The needle insulation module can be selected to solve the problem of insufficient needle heating when the needle needs to be lengthened in the deep gap or when the inner wall is dispensing glue!

* Suitable for Loctite 3542, Fuller 9646, 3M2665, ITW94167 and other 30CC packaging hot melt adhesive.

* With second 200S/100T dispensing controller, can accurately control the pressure, the corresponding speed block, fast glue collection * Applied to mobile phone case point glue assembly and other electronic products shell point glue bonding assembly process

Working range
Max payload
Max travel speed
Transfer method
Stepper motor, belt, precision rail
XYZ position accuracy
Memory storage
999 program setup (each program store up to 65535 spots)
Operating method
LCD, Teach pendant
Precision stepper motor
Movement patterns
3 axis spot to spot, continue line, arc
1 input, 4 output (support expansion)
Power supply
AC220V 50/60Hz 0.5kw
Working environment
Temperature 0-40℃, Humidity 20-90%
Machine dimension

Special Function : File inserting
Powerful system compatibility with the Logoshop software allow to import mainstream design software, such as Auto CAD, Coral Draw, etc.to generate a different file formats ( NC, .AI,.DXF,.JPG, BMP, scanner, etc.)

300 CC Syringe hot melt glue dispenser 
The machine can be used to dispense various type of fluid, adhesive materials for fixing or protecting PCB electronic parts. It can also be used for bonding of mobile phone and notebook cases, LCD glass, LED dispensing, Semiconductor sealing, optical lens dispensing, and packaging, automotive parts, hardware parts, and others.

Heating controller SEC-2665
SEC-2665 heating controller is used for heating and melting the hot melt glue, and the control device for melting the glue;The controller supports temperature digital display, with the function of detecting temperature and adjusting heating temperature.

1) Power source: AC220V, 50/60Hz
2) Temperature adjustment range: 0-180 ° C (± 1 ° C)
3) External dimensions: length * width * height = 213 * 170 * 80 (mm)
4) Weight: 2.5KG
5) Spare parts: Heating signal line AC220V power cord
6) Digital display function : Visual digital display

Dispensing controller SEC-200S
the desiging is humanized that fixed time can be input, raised or reduced quantificationally by pushing the button on the board, the set time can be displayed while dispensing.

Timer display: 0.001 to 9.999
repeating accouracy: 0.001sec
Function of learning teach
Ever-lasting time memory
adjustable fluid pressure: 0 to 120 PSI(0.-8.0KG)
Gurantee for 1 year

Air pressure Controller you can also choose for alternatively

Dispensing controller SEC-100T
Applicable for any fluid
using with precise dispensing valve to improve precision.

Model: SEC-100T
Volume : 226L*216D*67Hmm
Inlet pressure: 0~0.7Mpa
Dispensing Time: 0.01~31 sec ± 0.1%
Power supply: 110/220 VAC

30 CC hot melt Syringe Details
can match with diffrent type of pins
14G,16G,18G,20G,22G,25G etc.

Free Lab service

Machine will be boxed well and protected with proper Ply-wooden box.
Estimated Packing for 1 unit of  SEC-E380.
1 Ply-wooden Box , 80*85*92CM, N.W. 70KGS. G.W. 105KGS.  0.626CBM. 

Company Profile

Shenzhen Second Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005. It is awarded and certified as a national high-techenterprise. The company provides integrated fluid dispensing, potting, and coating solutions from research, development,production, pre-sales, and after sale services. The products include various types of precise automatic fluid dispensing, potting,double component potting, and coating machines in the form of desktop, freestanding, inline, or cobot combined systems. The company is also capable of producing custom design machines for customers. 


Dear Customer,
Greetings from Second Intelligent! As below Q&A to let you know more about Second Intelligent:
1 Are you factory or trade company?   
We are manufacturer of fluid dispensing equipment since 2005, from desktop to freestanding big equipment, and RO roller machine.
2 How long is your machine warranty?   
12 months
3 What is your lead time?    
For standard specification machine, we have inventory and could prepare the machine within 7 working days.
For custom request, desktop machine 7-10 days,
freestanding machine 10-15 days,
RO roller machine 20-40 days.
4  Do you provide free training for using and installing the machine?    
Yes, our technical person can provide online training as request, customers could contact us at any time for any tech issues, our engineer team could support at any time if you need.      
In order to recommend more suitable machine, please let us know the following information:
1 Glue type: please give us the data sheet if you have
2 Glue is easy caking?  A Yes, need vacuum tank B No, no special request  
3 Glue package please send us picture A Cartridge B Barrel C Pour into our machine tank directly
4 Glue package amount
5 Need vacuum system when pouring glue into our tank  A Yes  B No We could provide vacuum system for 300ML,3600ML and 25KG barrel glue package

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