Chemical Auxiliary Agent 9004 65 3 Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether

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Product Overview


Products Description

1. Hydroxypropyl starch ether (HPS) is a white fine powder obtained from natural plants as raw materials, through modification, high etherification reaction, and then spray drying. It does not contain plasticizers. It is completely different from ordinary starch or modified starch.

2. Preparation method: Hydroxypropyl starch is a kind of chemically modified starch. It is etherified by propylene oxide and starch to replace the hydroxyl group in the starch polymer structure to become an etherified starch.

3. Physical properties: white (colorless) powder, good fluidity, good water solubility, its aqueous solution is transparent and colorless, and has good stability. It is stable to acid and alkali, the melting temperature is lower than that of native starch, and the change of viscosity between cold and hot is more stable than that of native starch. Mixing with salt, sucrose, etc. has no effect on viscosity. After etherification, ice melting stability and transparency are improved.

4. Chemical properties: the properties of starch derivatives with hydroxypropyl substituents. The glucose unit of starch has 3 hydroxypropyl groups that can be replaced, so products with different degrees of substitution can be obtained.

5. Technical indicators Appearance: white powder, easy to absorb moisture

Solubility: can be dissolved in water and become a transparent solution
Viscosity (5% aqueous solution, 20°C): 500-20000 mPa.s
PH value (2% aqueous solution): 8-10.5
Application characteristics:
  1. Very good rapid thickening ability; medium viscosity, with certain water retention;
   2. The dosage is small, and the extremely low dosage can achieve high results;
  3. Improve the anti-sliding ability of the material;
  4. Improve the operation performance of the material and make the operation smoother.
   5. Extend the opening time of materials;

Product Parameters

White powder
80 to 120
Soluble in cold water, the aqueous solution is colorless and transparent
CAS number
PH value
5 to 11.5

Company Profile

Langfang Yulang Glue Industry Co., Ltd. was established on September 18, 2015. Its registered place is located in Dongqingzhou Village, Dacheng County, Langfang City. The legal representative is Zhang Weisong.The business scope includes processing and sales: re-dispersible latex powder, re-dispersible ionic latex powder, extruded board flame retardant, polypropylene fiber, wood fiber, putty powder, coating, anti-crack mortar, FTC insulation mortar.Sales: thermal insulation materials, waterproof materials, chemical products (excluding dangerous drugs);Contracting for the construction of insulation works.(For projects subject to approval according to law, business activities can only be carried out after approval by relevant departments)


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1. Are you a trading company or a factory?
We are a factory, welcome to visit the factory at any time.

2. What is your minimum order quantity?
Our minimum order quantity is 1000 kg (1 ton) or M3

3. Do you provide samples? Is it free?
Yes, we can provide samples for free, but shipping costs are not included. The cost depends on the sending method, if you need samples, please contact us for more information.

4. What about your delivery time?
It takes about 7-10 days according to the quantity and the order of the current factory goods. If you want more than 100 tons, time needs to be discussed, because the goods may be out of stock. thank you for understanding.

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T/T, PAYPAL and WESTERN UNION are all available, if the amount is relatively large, you can pay separately.

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