Химический вспомогательный агент Pp, полипропиленовая сетка фибриллированная

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Product Overview


Products Description

Polypropylene reticulated fiber, also used to call: reticulated polypropylene fiber, polypropylene fiber net, reticulated fiber.
  Usage: To prepare polypropylene fiber concrete.
  Polypropylene mesh fiber is made of polypropylene through a special process. Its appearance is that multiple fiber monofilaments are interconnected to form a network structure. When the polypropylene mesh fiber is put into the concrete, in the concrete mixing process, the transverse connection between the fiber monofilament is destroyed by the rubbing and friction of the concrete itself, forming the fiber monofilament or the net structure to fully expand, so as to realize the quantity Numerous effects of polypropylene fiber concrete. As a new type of concrete reinforcing fiber, polypropylene mesh fiber is becoming a new hot spot in the scientific research and application of fiber concrete after steel fiber and polypropylene monofilament fiber.

Enhancements to concrete:
Compared with steel fiber, the polypropylene fiber monofilament obtained after the polypropylene mesh fiber is fully dispersed has the significant advantages of large fineness and large quantity. In addition, the polypropylene fiber itself has the advantages of non-water absorption, strong acid and alkali resistance and The modulus of elasticity is equivalent to that of concrete, which makes the improvement of concrete performance particularly prominent in the following points.

◆Improve the impermeability of concrete
◆Improve the abrasion resistance of concrete
◆Improve the reinforcement ability of concrete
◆Improve the crack resistance of concrete
◆Improve the fire resistance of concrete

◆Improve the impact and fatigue resistance of concrete
◆Improve the flexural tensile strength and flexural strength of concrete
◆ Improve the plastic deformation ability of concrete, especially high-strength concrete
◆Strong acid and alkali resistance, with good durability

Applicable fields
   The performance-improving effect of polypropylene mesh fibers on concrete is very effective for most concrete projects, which is the reason why polypropylene fiber concrete is widely promoted in developed countries. Based on the characteristics of our country, the most suitable engineering uses of polypropylene mesh fibers are selected as follows:

◆Concrete pavement, bridge deck, airport pavement, and factory grounds are projects with high requirements for crack resistance. It can make the project's intact service life longer by 5-10 years. To
◆ Tunnels, mine walls, roofs, reservoirs and other projects that adopt special construction methods. When spraying technology is used for concrete construction, the addition of fiber will effectively reduce the rebound rate of sprayed concrete and reduce pipe friction, so that the rebound rate of concrete wall does not exceed 8%, and the vault does not exceed 12%, which improves construction efficiency and improves Operating environment, and is conducive to the promotion of wet spray technology. To
◆ River courses, dams and other projects. The improvement of concrete crack resistance, impact resistance and abrasion resistance will extend the service life of the project. To
◆ Military protection engineering, wharf revetment, bridge piers, etc. The significant improvement of the impact resistance of the polypropylene mesh fiber on the concrete will enhance the safety of such projects and prolong its service life. To

Economics of fiber concrete
The use of polypropylene mesh fibers will increase the cost of unilateral concrete. However, if the use of polypropylene mesh fibers is considered to improve the performance of the concrete, the service life is greatly extended, and the cost is calculated according to the entire life cycle. Incorporating polypropylene mesh fibers will greatly reduce the cost of concrete use. Many engineering examples at home and abroad have confirmed this.

Product Parameters

Density (g/cm3)
Modulus of elasticity (MPa)
Length (mm)
16-180 can be customized
Equivalent diameter (μm)
Product shape
Bundle Net
Elongation at break (%)
Anti-acid and alkaline
Water absorption
Does not absorb water
Tensile strength (MPa)
Melting point (℃)

Company Profile

Langfang Yulang Glue Industry Co., Ltd. was established on September 18, 2015. Its registered place is located in Dongqingzhou Village, Dacheng County, Langfang City. The legal representative is Zhang Weisong.The business scope includes processing and sales: re-dispersible latex powder, re-dispersible ionic latex powder, extruded board flame retardant, polypropylene fiber, wood fiber, putty powder, coating, anti-crack mortar, FTC insulation mortar.Sales: thermal insulation materials, waterproof materials, chemical products (excluding dangerous drugs);Contracting for the construction of insulation works.(For projects subject to approval according to law, business activities can only be carried out after approval by relevant departments)


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1. Are you a trading company or a factory?
We are a factory, welcome to visit the factory at any time.

2. What is your minimum order quantity?
Our minimum order quantity is 1000 kg (1 ton) or M3

3. Do you provide samples? Is it free?
Yes, we can provide samples for free, but shipping costs are not included. The cost depends on the sending method, if you need samples, please contact us for more information.

4. What about your delivery time?
It takes about 7-10 days according to the quantity and the order of the current factory goods. If you want more than 100 tons, time needs to be discussed, because the goods may be out of stock. thank you for understanding.

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T/T, PAYPAL and WESTERN UNION are all available, if the amount is relatively large, you can pay separately.

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