Mixed bed DI resin for Irons & Steam Generators pure water purification

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Mixed bed DI resin for Irons & Steam Generators pure water purification


SEPLITE® MB10 is a ready to use mixed bed resin, consisted of strong acid cation resin and strong base
type 1 anion resins,The resins was prepared with fixed ratio, with the aim of producing high quality purified water.
It could be loaded either in small cartridges and big industrial resin columns.

By using this mixed bed resin, projects requiring high demineralized water and low silica, TOC could be
The MB10 mixed bed resin is widely used in EDM application.

Matrix Structure

Polystyrene Crosslinked with DVB

Shipped form


Physical Appearance

Mixture of white to yellow spheres

Cation/Anion ratio


Functional Group

Sulphonic acid and trimethylammonium




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   Regular Packaging:

   1. 25 liter plastic bags packed on wooden pallets

   2. Super sack bags on packed on wooden pallets

   3. Blue plastic drums of 50 liters and 200 liters packed on wooden pallets

   If you want to know more modes of packaging, please contact our salesman directly.


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