Scrap 1 Ton Electromagnet Lift (1600328037383)

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Product Overview


Scrap 1 Ton Electromagnet Lift

Product Description


Main Application:

Mainly used in metallurgy, mining, machinery, transportation and other industries to lift magnetic materials such as iron and steel. It is also used as an electromagnetic manipulator to clamp magnetic materials such as steel, suitable for handling cast iron ingots, steel balls and various scrap steels

Overall dimensions


Technical specifications


The electromagnetic chuck uses the principle of electromagnetics to generate magnetic force by energizing the internal coil, passing through the magnetic panel, and tightly attracting the workpiece contacting the surface of the panel. The demagnetization is achieved by the coil power off, the magnetic force disappears, and the principle of removing the workpiece is produced. A kind of machine tool accessory products.




Guide for model selection

1. When the temperature of the suction and transport materials is lower than 100℃, please choose the normal temperature type; when the temperature exceeds 100℃, please choose the high temperature type.Please specify above 600℃.

2. Duty cycle; when exceed 60%, choose high frequency type.

3. Please choose submersible type (submersible depth is less than 100 meters) for water suction and hoisting materials. The parameters of submersible type electromagnet are the same as that of normal temperature type.If the user needs the diving type, please specify when ordering.

4. Supporting equipment;When a single unit is used, the rectifier control equipment and auxiliary equipment are selected according to the consumed power (current). When multiple units are used together, the rectifier control equipment and auxiliary equipment are selected according to the sum of the consumed power (current) of the number of connected units.

5. Please provide with geometry parameters(such as length, width, depth, diameter and so on.) and number of pieces or bundles to lift when lift section materials, sheet material.



Packing & Delivery

Packing & Delivery

1.Control cabinet is packed by wooden box ,crane lifting electromagnet is packed by plastic 

2.Wood case for electric parts, accessories;large sections will be loaded onto bulk cargo ship after packing.

Shipping methodNote
By seaPort to port and you need to do the customs clearance and pick-up the goods

at your local port, which you can have a local shipping agent to do for you.



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